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Flatwoods Monster; AKA Braxton County Monster, Phantom of Flatwoods

Origin: American Folklore dating to 1952


`952 sketch of the Flatwoods Monster

When he shone his flashlight on it, he said, he saw a 10-foot monster with a blood-red face and a green body that seemed to glow... both witnesses described the thing as having the shape of a man, blood-red face, bright breen body, protruding eyes, hands extended forward on toy-like arms, and appeared to give off an eerie light. They said it had a black shield affair in the shape of an ace of spades behind it and wore what looked like a pleated metallic shirt.
— contemporary newspaper account of an encounter with the Flatwoods Monster

On the night of on September 12, 1952, amidst a meteor shower witnessed over the states of West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, a small group of people in Flatwoods, West Virginia climbed a small hill, looking for a bright object spotted landing in the field by some local boys, and came face-to-face with a bizarre, 10-foot tall, vaguely humanoid creature, when they cast their flashlight beams at movement of something they thought might be a wild animal.

They described the creature, later dubbed the "Flatwoods Monster", as a "man-like figure with a round, red face surrounded by a pointed, hood-like shape", 10 feet (3.0 m) tall, with a round blood-red face, a large pointed "hood-like shape" around the face, eye-like shapes which emitted greenish-orange light, and a dark black or green body. One witness described the figure as having "small, claw-like hands", clothing-like folds, and "a head that resembled the ace of spades". According to the story, when the figure made a hissing sound and "glided toward the group", one of the witnesses screamed and dropped his flashlight, causing the group to run away. According to witnesses, "One of the boys peed his pants... their dog ran with his tail between his legs." The group said they had smelled a "pungent mist" and some later said they were nauseated. The local sheriff and a deputy had been investigating reports of a crashed aircraft in the area, and searched the site of the reported monster but "saw, heard and smelled nothing", and a reporter investigating the story claimed to discover "skid marks" in the field and an "odd, gummy deposit".

Subsequent investigations dismissed the reports as an encounter with a large owl, with investigators claiming that the large, strange eyes, the small claw-like arms, weird bulbous head, and strange hissing sound described by witnesses would all be consistent with a surprise encounter with an owl, while the symptoms reported by the group after the encounter, such as nausea, would be consistent with shock and overexertion.

Later accounts of the events in Flatwoods would include reports that mysterious Men in Black claiming to be reporters and allegedly working for the government pressured witnesses for details and threatened them to keep silent. Contemporary magazine articles linking the sighting with UFOs would help spark the modern era of Men in Black encounters associated with UFO sightings.

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