Fear's Sharp Little Needles

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Front Cover

Publisher: Stygian Fox

Product Code: 3005

Publishing Year: 2018

Page Count: 200

Cover Price: $49.99 (hardcover), $41.95 (softcover), $19.95 (PDF)

Editors: Jeffrey Moeller

Authors: Jeffrey Moeller, Simon Brake, Oscar Rios, Matt Wiseman, Jennifer Thrasher, Jason Williams, Matthew Sanderson, Jo Kreil, Adam Gauntlett, Joe Trier, Allan Goodall, Brian Courtemanche, Tyler Hudak, Andi Newton, Helen Gould, Chad Bowser, Stuart Boon, Christopher Smith Adair, Scott Dorward, Simon Yee, Matthew Sanderson, Glynn Owen Barass, Brian M. Sammons

Artists: Reuben Dodd, Stephanie McAlea, Dean Engelhardt, George C. Cotronis

Setting: Modern

Format: Hardcover, Softcover, PDF



Front Cover Text

Fear's Sharp Little Needles. Twenty Four Haunting One-Session Forays Into Horror.

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Comments / Trivia

  • Won a Silver Ennie Award in 2019 in the category 'Best Electronic Book'


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