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Erich Zann is a fictional character of the Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft and appears in his story the The Music of Erich Zann. He is a mute German viol player.

Early Life

Erich Zann was born in Germany. TODO

Later Life

Late in life Erich Zann moved to a small sixth floor garret on the Rue d'Auseil in Paris. There he played with a small theater orchestra. He also continued to play his viol every night. According to his landlord, Bladnot, he had chosen the room for its seclusion and its rare view from the top of Rue d'Auseil's hill.

There he met and was befriended by a student of meta-physics studying at an university in Paris. The student spent several nights listening to Zann's music, which he described in a later written story as containing "weird notes."


According to the student of meta-physics who was living in the same building as Erich Zann he died of fright while playing his music. According to the student Erich Zann was terrified of something outside the window, and when the student went to open the window Zann stopped him. As way of explanation the musician began to write a long note. He was interrupted however by a "mocking note" coming from the window.

Erich Zann then began to play wildly trying to drown out the sound. At one point the wind blew the window open. The wind blew Zann's notes out of the window. According to the student the view was complete nothingness. Withdrawing with fright the student tried to stop Erich Zann from playing, but found that Erich Zann had died, even as he continued to saw mechanically with the bow. The student fled the building and has never seen the house or the Rue d'Auseil again.


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