Different Worlds, Issue 19

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Different Worlds #19 Front Cover

Magazine: Different Worlds Magazine

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code:

Publishing Year: February 1982

Pages: 48

Cover Price: $2.50

Editor(s): Tadashi Ehara

Author(s): Sandy Petersen

Artist(s): Roland Brown

Setting(s): 1920s



Scenarios: The Underground Menace


  • Call Of Cthulhu: Designers' Notes by Sandy Petersen & Lynn Willis
  • Call Of Cthulhu Variant: Guns Against Cthulhu by Dick Wagenet
  • Call Of Cthulhu Errata and Second Thoughts
  • Gangster!: Bad Guys for Modern Role-Playing - The Gang Leaders by Glenn Rahman
  • Metal Marvels: Safe Storage for Figures - The Many Ways for Storing a Lead Figure Safely by John T. Sapienza, Jr.
  • Adapting Thieves' World to Heroes Of Olympus: Thieves Of Sparta by B. Dennis Sustare


  • Call Of Cthulhu (Chaosium)
  • The Spawn Of Fashan (Games of Fashan)
  • Deities And Demigods (TSR Hobbies)
  • Adventure Class Ships, Vol. 1 (FASA)
  • Palace of the Silver Princess (TSR)
  • The House on Hangman's Hill (Judges Guild)
  • Trial By Fire (Judges Guild)


  • "A Letter From Gigi" by Gigi D'Arn

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