Dagon, Issue 13

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Front Cover

Magazine: Dagon

Publisher: Carl T. Ford

Product Code:

Publishing Year: June, 1986

Pages: 44

Cover Price: 75p

Editor: Carl T. Ford

Authors: Carl T. Ford, Brian Lumley, Steve Hatherley, Andy Bennison, Richard Watts, Peter F. Jeffery

Artists: Dave Carson (back)

Format: Softcover A5



Scenarios: none


  • Whistler [poem] (Lumley)
  • Editorial
  • Cthaat Aquadingen - A Guide to Further Research (Ford)
  • On Receiving A Small RPG Piece (Letter written by Lumley to a fan)
  • Interview with Brian Lumley (Ford)
  • Responses to "Guns Don't Kill People, Shoggoths Do!"
  • Doctor Phibes Rises Again[suggested other 'zines of interest]
  • Celluloid Mythos - The Mythos on Night Gallery (Ford)
  • Black Mail [Letters Column]
  • R'lyeh Reviews
  • Unauthorised Alterations to "Alone In The Dark" (Hatherley)
  • Cthulhuoid Tales of Terror [recommendations for Mythos fiction] (Bennison)
  • Sleep, Perchance To Dream - Dreaming in Call of Cthulhu (Watts)
  • The Red Brains Trust [Regular Q&A Column] (Jeffery)
  • The House of the Temple, Part 2 [Fiction] (Lumley)
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Checklist of Fiction - Errata and Addenda (Jeffery)

Front Cover Text

For Readers of the Cthulhu Mythos and Players of Call of Cthulhu

Brian Lumley Issue


Lumley Interview, Cthaat Aquadingen, Mythos fiction, poetry and more

Back Cover Text

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