Dagon, Issue 10

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Front Cover

Magazine: Dagon

Publisher: Carl T. Ford

Product Code:

Publishing Year: November/December, 1985

Pages: 40

Cover Price: 70p

Editor: Carl T. Ford

Authors: Carl T. Ford, Andy Bennison, Mark Morrison, Kimball Bailey, Robert J. Curran, Peter F. Jeffery

Artists: Garry Marshall (front), Mark Hetherington

Format: Softcover A5



Scenarios: The Lurker Beneath (Bennison)


  • Editorial
  • Nearly Human (Morrison): "The first in a series of articles aimed at producing ideas for the Keeper in his campaign"
  • Crime and Punishment (Bailey): "The Law in the 20's in England and some useful background material for players"
  • The Horror at Witches Hollow, Part 1 [Fiction] (Curran): "A creepy mythos tale set in Bob's mythos community - the New Exeter commune"
  • A Checklist of H.P. Lovecraft's Fiction, Part 1 (Jeffery): "a listing of all the tales of the Old Gentleman, many rare ones and others which you aay not have heard of"
  • Bugg-Shash, The Terrible (Bennison): "The 2nd part detailing Mad Berkley's Book and other horrors of the Great Old One created by Brian Lumley"
  • The Red Brains Trust [Regular Q&A Column]
  • Black Mail [Letters Column]
  • Doctor Phibes Prescribes [suggested other 'zines of interest]

Front Cover Text

For Players of CoC

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