Dagon, Issue 08

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Front Cover

Magazine: Dagon

Publisher: Carl T. Ford

Product Code:

Publishing Year: July, 1985

Pages: 32

Cover Price: 70p

Editor: Carl T. Ford

Authors: Carl T. Ford, Andy Bennison, Marcus L. Rowland, Paul Newman, Alan Jeffery, Robert J. Curran, Dave Perry

Artists: Gary Marshall (front), Mark Hetherington (back)

Format: Softcover A5



Scenarios: The Legacy of Arthur Nye (Bennison)


  • Editorial
  • Computerising Cthulhu: CoC NPC generation program and additional player aid program for Keepers [BASIC source code listing] (Rowland)
  • 'Ware the Moon: A look at Werewolves intended to clear up some of the misconceptions given in recent articles and films (Newman)
  • Dr Phibes Prescribes [suggested other 'zines of interest]
  • Psychopathy: A character's better course of action when dealing with the Cthulhoids (Jeffery)
  • The Voice From The Well [Fiction]: The first chilling installment of a Mythos tale set, set in 'Nooseneck Country' (Curran)
  • Black Mail [Letters Column]
  • Cthulhoid Tales of Terror: The first part of a listing of the better Mythos tales by authors other than HPL (Ford)
  • Cthulhoid Ramblings: More readers views on how to improve CoC (Perry)

Front Cover Text

For FRP's of CoC

Back Cover Text

No text.

Comments / Trivia

Player handout tucked into magazine


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

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