Cthulhus Ruf, Ausgabe 2 (Magazin)

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Cthulhus Ruf #2 Front Cover

Magazine: Cthulhus Ruf

Publisher: www.cthulhus-ruf.de / Marc Meiburg

Publishing Year: October 2012

Pages: 92 (74 magazine + 18 Archivband)

Cover Price: € 6,00

Editor: Daniel Neugebauer

Authors: Nadine Ansmann, Gerrit Ansmann, Yörn Büttelmann, Stefan Droste, Andreas Melhorn, Daniel Neugebauer, Kaid Ramdani, Ralf Sandfuchs

Artists: Francois Launet (cover design), Jennifer Bals (illustrations), Nadine Ansmann, Gerrit Ansmann (maps), Marc Meiburg (handouts)

Settings: 1920s, Modern

Format: Softcover



Cthulhus Ruf translates to Call of Cthulhu. It follows in the footsteps of the Cthuloide Welten, after the latter magazine was cancelled. Cthulhus Ruf is a non-profit project and made by fans for fans.


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