Cthulhu vs. The Vikings (Board Game)

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This article is about the board game. For other uses of Cthulhu vs. The Vikings, please see Cthulhu vs. The Vikings (Disambiguation)

Cthulhu vs. The Vikings


Publisher: Sources and Methods Games

Product Code/SKU: None

ISBN: None

Year: 2014

Designer(s): Kristan Wheaton

Artist(s): Chris Adelhardt (Sculptor)

Number of Players: 2 players

Estimated Playing Time: Not Stated

Recommended Ages: Not Stated

Expansions: None

Other Editions: Cthulhu vs. The Vikings (Video Game)


From the Kickstarter campaign:

We have taken the ancient Viking game, Hnefatafl (or "King's Table"), and re-imagined it as a clash between Viking warriors and the minions of Cthulhu, the Deep Ones.

Hnefatafl is, perhaps, the best known of the Tafl games played by the Vikings. It is a deep, strategic game with a fundamentally asymmetric design - players start out in different positions on the board, with different numbers of pieces, and with entirely different victory conditions. In many respects, it is unique among the games of antiquity.

Copies of this extraordinary game are difficult to find, however. Our goal is to create an exciting version of this ancient game, updated to appeal to the modern player.

Comments / Trivia

This game is a variation on the traditional game Hnefatafl. It is not necessary to have Hnefatafl to play this game.

The Kickstarter was primarily for for both the game and a Cthulhu vs. The Vikings comic book. Pledge levels and add-ons included two different play mats, different options for playing pieces, a separate "Cthulhu King" piece, a small basket or chest to store the game in, and two Print-and-Play versions of the game - including a Print-and-Play version designed for use with 3D printers.

The Print-and-Play versions of this game are versions of the game made available in electronic format and printed by players, who must also provide any other required accessories (such as dice.)