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This article is about the Call of Cthulhu supplement. For other uses of Cthulhu Rising, please see Cthulhu Rising (Disambiguation)


Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0311

Publishing Year: 2004

Pages: 62

Cover Price: $17.00

Author(s): John Ossoway

Artist(s): Illustrations by Ben Thornley.

Setting(s): Future

Format: MULA Monograph

Released as PDF: Yes


Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying in the 23rd Century

It is the year 2271.

The future is a dark and dangerous place. Outer space is the new frontier — humanity exploits the galaxy for its own ends. It is more than a hundred and fifty years since the United Earth Federation began to colonise the solar system and beyond.

Millions of colonists — employees of either the Federation or one of the many megacorporations — live out their lives on worlds light years from Earth. Corporate-funded exploration craft push ever-deeper into space. It is only a matter of time before one of these craft stumbles upon some remote, alien edifice, a cosmic mausoleum of the Great Old Ones. But who is to say this has not already occurred?

Players take the roles of the investigators of the future. These enlightened and oft-unlucky individuals know something of the true nature of the universe. Be they fools or heroes, they take the fight against the Great Old Ones to the stars themselves.

This monograph is comprised of two parts:

Part one provides an overview of human society in the late 23rd Century, enabling Keepers to create a backdrop against which to set a campaign almost 300 years into our future. It is by no means exhaustive. Keepers can use it as a starting point for their own campaigns, or use the campaign scenarios available from the Cthulhu Rising website at www.cthulhurising.co.uk

Part two provides supplemental rules for generating 23rd Century Investigators, as well as information on the equipment and weapons that will aid them in combating dark cults.

PART 1: The world of Cthulhu Rising

   * Timeline 2026 – 2271
   * Life in the 23rd Century
   * Government and Politics
   * The Colonies
   * Corporations
   * The Cthulhu Rising Mythos

PART 2: Rules

   * Character Generation
   * Psychic Powers
   * Combat
   * Hardware
   * Equipment
   * Notes
   * Cthulhu Rising Character Sheet - Front
   * Cthulhu Rising Character Sheet - Back

Front Cover Text

Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying in the 23rd Century

Comments / Trivia

This release supported by the website www.cthulhurising.co.uk

Playtesters are credited: Stu Blackburn, Chas Blackwell, Ste Barton, Gary Cooper, Andy Edwards, Zane Gulliford, Roy Hughes, Ste Mills, Graham Raynes, Mike Smith, Paul Winstanley, Tyrone Williams

A number of influences are listed:

  • Hugo Foscolo and the Foscolo Discontinuity are taken from the novel 'Starworld' by Harry Harrison
  • Influences for the feel of the look and feel of the 23rd century include Philip K Dick (and movies made from his books, such as Minority Report, Blade Runner), Harry Harrison, Pitch Black, Aliens.
  • The overall look and feel of Earth and the colony worlds in the 23rd century draws a lot of its inspiration from that envisioned in the Alien saga of films, specifically the second film, Aliens. In these films the future is seen to be a dark and dangerous place, where outer space is the new frontier, and humanity in its ignorance has left Earth to exploit the galaxy for its own ends.
  • I have taken inspiration for technology and organisations from the films, the Colonial Marines Technical Manual and the Alien 3 script by William Gibson that was rejected.
  • Some of the equipment and character skills were inspired from the original Traveller rules, by GDW, and from End Time.



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