Cthulhu Masters Tournament

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Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0323

Publishing Year: 2005

Pages: 92

Cover Price: $18.00

Author(s): Joseph Donaghue, Joseph P. Connolly, Brandon J. Clark

Artist(s): The Monograph has no art (except a couple of period photographs of characters), Andrew Dawson is credited with Layout Assistance.

Setting(s): World War II, 1930s, World War I

Format: MULA Monograph


Three Adventures From Gentler Times

The CTHULHU MASTERS TOURNAMENT 2005 contains three scenarios presented during that year's GenCon.

LORD AND BEAST: set in early WWII (June 1942) in the South Pacific, and interpreting the setting of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, beginning when the adult rescuers arrive to save British boys stranded by a plane crash on a desert isle.

ELECTRIC BUCKEYES: based upon the story of the Ohio State Prison Fire of 1930. A few factors make this an interesting and challenging event on which to base a CMT round. There is some mystery surrounding the actual cause of the fire. The Ohio State Penitentiary has a dark and mysterious history. The controlled environment of a prison allows for very good roleplaying opportunities.

HOBO QUEST: the characters journey across the U.S. as hoboes riding the rails. They are driven to commit desperate and horrible acts to satisfy inner demons. They learn terrible truths as the adventure progresses.

Scenarios: Lord and Beast, Electric Buckeyes, Hobo Quest

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Three Adventures From Gentler Times

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