Cthulhu Live: Shades of Gray

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Front Cover

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Product Code: 0008

Publishing Year: 1999

Pages: 192

Cover Price: $17.95

Author(s): Robert "Mac" McLaughlin, Eamon Honan, David Salmon, Matt Cowgers

Artist(s): Robert "Mac" McLaughlin

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover

ISBN: 1-887911-92-8


This book is a combined sourcebook and scenario (script) book which deals with running Live Action Cthulhu games in the fashion of Pulp Fiction and Film Noir.

It is organized as follows:

Scenarios: Preacher Man (Cthulhu Live Script), The Big Score (Cthulhu Live Script), Berlin Black (Cthulhu Live Script), Curse of the Tcho-Tcho (Cthulhu Live Script), The Osiris Club (Cthulhu Live Script)

Front Cover Text

Live Action Horror Role-Playing in the Worlds of Pulp Fiction and Film Noir

Back Cover Text

The first supplement for CTHULHU LIVE SECOND EDITION, SHADES OF GRAY explores the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos from the perspective of the pulp and noir genres. As two-fisted pulp avengers, deadly femme fatales, and cynical gumshoe detectives, the players match their wits against the forces of darkness.

From the steaming jungles of the 1920s to the mean streets of the 1950s, SHADES OF GRAY gives you everything you need to run live-action horror adventures in the worlds of pulp fiction and film noir; genre conventions, character types and interaction with the horrors of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. In conjunction with the pulp and noir genres, SHADES OF GRAY also introduces elements of Pagan Publishing's acclaimed DELTA GREEN campaign for use in your CTHULHU LIVE game.

A supplement for the CTHULHU LIVE live-action role-playing game, SHADES OF GRAY introduces new skills, new character templates, new combat rules, background material for the pulp and noir genres, rules for playing servants of the Great Old Ones, and five complete game scripts.

(DELTA GREEN is TM and (c) the Delta Green Partnership)

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