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Center of Screen

Publisher: Sandstorm

Product Code: 23610

Publishing Year: 210

Pages: Screen plus reference cards (10 pages total)

Cover Price: $24.99

Author(s): ???

Artist(s): ???

Book Type: Reference Screen

Format(s): Cardboard screen

ISBN: 0-98458-362-9


Information is the key to winning wars!

The Aeon War rages. There is much to know. However, it can grind to a halt if the important game rules aren't right in front of you. This reference screen and accompanying materials will help keep your CthulhuTech game and characters on track, minimizing the time you have to spend referencing the books during play. Inside you will find:

  • an 8.5" tall by 44" long, four-fold reference screen
  • the exterior of the screen is covered with lavish full-color illustrations
  • the interior of the screen is filled with important game rules, the kind you use every time you play, making your game flow faster
  • 6 double-sided, full-color card stock quick reference cards, designed to bring you the images and page references of all the mecha and monsters released to date, as well as ritual spells and para-psychic powers.

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