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Crow People, AKA "Watchers", "Messengers", "Tricksters", and "Fallen Angels", a lesser servitor race of Shub-Niggurath and Nyarlathotep.

Origin: Scenario "13 Black Candles", by Jeff Woodall


Crow People

They appear as a bipedal crow covered in black feathers. They are unable to fly as they have human like arms covered in feathers instead of wings. Standing a little over five feet in height the are very quick, agile, cunning and stealthy but none too strong. They often aid human servants of Shub-Niggurath as thieves, spies and assassins. and when traveling attempt to disguise themselves in heavy clothes and keep their heads covered. They generally eat carrion and have been known to raid human graveyards to find food, sometimes warring with Ghouls. They were more common during the dark ages and before but now are on the verge of extinction. They originate from Europe and many dark legends about them are known there. Their arrival to the colonies is something of a mystery as they cannot fly and the close confinement of ship would give their true form. They speak a language of clicks, caws and whistles but are able to understand human languages.
— Scenario "13 Black Candles", by Jeff Woodall

"Crow People" are a mysterious race mostly known to originate from the Void, where they were posted as watchers and messengers by the Elder Gods to watch over the horrors banished there, and notify the gods of trouble; unfortunately, the Elder Gods, being very distant and forgetful, over time began to neglect watching the Watchers, allowing the Crow People the opportunity to fall under the sway of the corruption of Nyarlathotep. Crow People may also be found in both the Dreamlands and the Daylands, as well as other worlds, where they serve various masters.

Those Crow People who originate in the Dreamlands and on the Other Side are said to look like feathered men with the beaked heads of crows, ravens, or other such birds, or of bluish-black feathered "angels" with terrifying faces, though it is uncertain whether these strange bodies are the actual forms of Crow People, or just the shapes that men have dreamed for them. Sometimes, they appear in the Material World in human form as ominous and unnatural Men in Black.

The Crow People are said to have once served the gods as messengers to and from the Other Side, as watchers or guardians, and as seekers, collectors, and keepers of secrets, lore, and wisdom. In such roles, the Crow People have served as advisors and assistants to prophets, necromancers, artists, and visionaries. The Crow People are also said to have conspired in some way with a variety of "dark forces" in the universe toward the corruption and downfall of the Elder Gods, and to those humans and other beings inclined to work toward order and sanity in the Daylands and elsewhere; in this role, the Crow People are seen as tempters and tricksters, often of great malevolence and cruelty.

Heresies and Controversies

  • The Banshee and Leprechaun of Celtic mythology could appear in the form of a crow or raven (the word "leprechaun" seems to derive from a Celtic word for crow, Preachan). (Celtic Mythology)
  • Like mischievous Faeries, crows and ravens would play malevolent and deadly pranks upon folk who do not give them proper respect and leave them gifts. (Celtic and Native American Mythology)
  • Crows and Ravens are associated with death and bloodshed, their presence is an omen of war, murder, and tragic death; the birds feed upon the dead, and dwell in the realm of the dead among ghosts and spirits. (Norse, Siberian, and Celtic Mythology)
  • Crows and Ravens are birds of darkness, associated with black arts, psychopomps and messengers from other worlds; witches are said to have the power to transform themselves and their victims into crows and ravens, and crows and ravens are said to bring secret knowledge, magical advice, and messages from other worlds to those who have dealings with them. (Celtic Mythology)
  • Legends about crows and ravens often give them human-like powers, such as speech, participation in organized gatherings with courts, governments, formal dances, and religious ceremonies. (Celtic and Native American Mythology)
  • Crows or ravens hovering near livestock such as cows meant there was a blight or curse upon the animal, and these animals are associated with cattle mutilations, which are in turn associated with alien encounters and Satanic rituals. (Celtic and American Folklore)
  • Crows are messengers announcing the arrival of visitors from strange lands and other worlds. (Hindu Folklore)
  • The Devil could come in the form of a crow or raven, and possess a victim by landing on his/her head. (Irish Folklore)
  • In an Islamic version of the story of Cain and Abel, it was a raven who counseled Cain on how to murder his brother and hide the body. (Islamic Folklore)
  • The raven lived in the spirit world ("Bird Land") before the time of man; the raven traveled to the Earth in its youth, and dropped a magic stone into the ocean, which caused the land to rise up from the seas. (Native American Mythology)
  • The raven or crow knows the secrets that move the sun, the moon, and the stars in the heavens and make them appear, disappear, and come around "right". (Native American Mythology)
  • the Crow People are a race of messengers and watchers posted on the Other Side by the Elder Gods to guard the remains of horrors banished to that realm such as the undead ice giant Ymir; some of these watchers have been corrupted by Loki as "fallen angels" and now serve his strange purposes

Associated Mythos Elements



  • Str 2d6 Con 3d6 Siz 2d6+3 Int 3D6 Pow 3d6 Dex 3d6+6
  • Move 9 San loss 1/1d6
  • Weapons by weapon type of claw 45% 1d3 Peck 40% 1d3.

Crow People may be armed with makeshift weapons stolen from farms (pitchforks, axes, scythes). All Crow People know how to make a sleeping potion and use it on darts and other weapons.