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The creation of a Skin Beast is a complex and difficult event which calls for a great deal of magical expertise. Some of the rituals required to create this being are extremely gruesome and highly disturbing to watch. Performing this ritual may allow you curry favor with the Skinless One

First the creator starts by stitching approximately twelve children together. All of these children must be alive though they need not be conscious. The next part of the spell requires several basins of molten flesh specialy prepared for the occasion. The contents must be poured over the sown children while chanting the words of a powerful spell. Other people may take part in the incantation and contribute magic points to the spell. After the flesh hardens the Skin Beast is born.


A total of 120 magic points must be expended during the ritual of creation. All those participating in the ritual lose 1D20 points of SAN. The chief caster must allso sacrifice one point of POW to complete the process.