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This powerful yet obscure incantation can be used to change and control parts of the skin on a human body. The spell effects different parts of the body separately (for example a sorcerer would generally attempt to enchant one area of the body at a time).The places the spell must be applied to separately are the head, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg and torso; the six parts of the human body as mapped out in the complete Sedefkar Simulacrum. However it is possible to use this spell on the whole body but the user would have to expend a large amount of energy in order to do so. Control Skin may be cast on an unwilling victim but in order to do so the sorcerer will need to beat said victim in a clash of wills. The body changing effects usually last up to a quarter of an hour but the caster can make the changes permanent by sacrificing a point of will power.

A powerful cult known as The Brothers of the Skin frequently use this spell; employing it both as an espionage tool and an effective weapon. Certain cult members may bare tattoos containing a pre-prepaired version of the spell in case of capture.


This spell costs 5 magic points to cast on a specific area. To control the entire body at once requires 30 magic points. For each time the spell is used, the caster loses 1D6 points of SAN. To make any changes permanent the caster must pay 1 point of POW.