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The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 11

Pages: 18 (Includes handouts)

Author(s): Scott David Aniolowski

Artist(s): Robert Hand

Editor(s): N/A

Setting: 1990s

Appears in: The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 11.

Campaign: N/A


A prominent member of the Toronto community has been murdered, why...?


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The leader of Toronto's Secret Order of the Windwalker (An Ithaqua cult) has been murdered. The evidence points to the rival Brotherhood of the Star-Treader (Worshippers of Lloigor & Zhar), but is the evidence correct and can the members of the Order of the Windwalker work together long enough to avenge their loss.


Player Handouts: Pregenerated Character Sheets

Locations: Toronto, Dr Zelzaney's Apartment, The Black Lotus Trading Company

Creatures: Cultists, Wendigo, Ithaqua

Tomes and Artifacts: Eye of Ithaqua, Pnakotic Manuscripts, Dawn of the Winds

Campaigns / Scenarios: N/A


  • This is a tournament scenario that was first run at GenCon'91.

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