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Below are all known scenarios published for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (or l'Appel de Cthulhu) in the Spanish language. Scenarios labeled "Creation" (rather than "Translation") first appeared in Spanish-language sources and may not have equivalents in English-language supplements.

Editors should add any overlooked scenarios.

Year Scenario Title Publisher In Book(s) Era Translation / Creation Original Title Author(s)
2003 Cthulhu for president! ? ? Creation n/a ?
2004 Oro negro, tumba azul ? ? Creation n/a ?
2019 La segunda ánfora Miskatonic Repository ? ? Creation n/a Enrique Camino
2019 La desaparición de Anthony Holm ? ? Creation n/a ?
2019 El Pastor de polillas Miskatonic Repository ? ? Translation (Polish) Shepherd of Moths Marek Golonka
2019 23:59:59 Miskatonic Repository ? ? Creation n/a Enrique Camino
2019 Horizonte Singular ? ? Creation n/a ?


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