Child of the Green God

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The Children of the Green God are from Ramsey Campbell's "The Horror Under Warrendown".


Children of the Green God ambushing travelers...

"Then I saw that one of the worshiping horde was Crawley, and began to make out faces less able to pass for human than his, their great eyes bulging in the dimness, their bestial teeth gleaming in misshapen mouths."
— Ramsey Campbell, "The Horror Under Warrendown"

Anyone who partakes of certain vegetables harvested only in the village of Warrendown in the Severn Valley will eventually transform into a grotesque, rabbit-like mutant in service to the Green God, dedicated to tricking others into joining their cult by offering them fresh vegetables harvested from it. These "children" of the Green God are horrible parodies of their former selves: hopping, degenerate mutants covered in coarse, dark hair, with elongated ears, large eyes, and sharp, rodent-like teeth, and an aversion to light and a preference for living in warrens in the earth near their Green God.

Heresies and Controversies

  • A similar plant-like deity named E'ilor is mentioned in the short story "Correlated Contents" by James Ambuehl. Like the Green God, E'ilor dwells in a large cavern deep beneath a small farming village in the Severn Valley, and possesses vine-like tentacles which can be used for capturing prey or offering communal sacrifices.

Keeper Notes

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