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"Changelings", also known as "Hybrids", "Halflings", "Caliban", "Monster", "Nephilim", "Giants", "Mutants", etc.

Origin: Changelings, often grotesque half-human offspring left in human cribs or born on human families, originally appear in folklore from around the world going back to the dawn of legend.


The terms "Changeling", "Halfling", "Hybrid", etc. are general terms, and can be applied to any sort of half-human creature, including:

Deep One Hybrids




Corrupting Influences

TO DO - Great Old Ones and Colours Out of Space

Proto- and Sub-Humans

TO DO - Gnophkehs, Voormi, etc.

Subterranean Races

TO DO - Worms of the Earth, Faeries, Deros

Strange Experiments

TO DO - Mi-Go, Grey Aliens

Heresies and Controversies

Keeper Notes

Associated Mythos Elements