Challenge, Issue 65

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Front Cover

Magazine: Challenge

Publisher: GDW

Product Code: ####

Publishing Year: 1992

Pages: ###

Cover Price: $3.50

Editor: Michelle Sturgeon

Authors: Legion, George W. Herbert, Michael Brines, Charles E. Gannon, Michael C. LaBossiere, James L. Cambias, Andy Slack, J. B. Hill, Christopher E. Wolf, James B. King, Mitch Lavender, Lester Smith

Artists: John & Laura Lakey (Cover), Joel Biske, Steve Bryant, Paul Daly, Tom Dow, LaMont Fullerton, Mark Fullerton, Bryan Gibson, Rick Harris, Mike Jackson, Jeff Laubenstein, Rob Lazzaretti, Darrell Midgette, Jim Nelson, Allen Nunis

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: Curse of the Centuries (Pages 52 - 55)

Articles: N/A

Additional: Introduction

Comments / Trivia

Special Horror themed issue.

The Dark Conspiracy Scenario set entitled Dark Halloween by Dr. Michael C. LaBossiere (Pages 32 - 37) contains three scenarios that could be reworked as Call of Cthulhu scenarios.


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