Challenge, Issue 54

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Front Cover

Magazine: Challenge

Publisher: GDW

Product Code: ####

Publishing Year: 1991

Pages: 80

Cover Price: $3.50 (US)

Editor: Michelle Sturgeon

Authors: Legion G. McRae, Adam Geibel, Charles E. Gannon, Terry McInnes, Lester Smith, Craig Sheeley, James L. Cambias, Eric W. Haddock, Marcus L. Rowland, Dan Snuffin, Michael C. LaBossiere

Artists: Dell Harris (Cover), Janet Aulisio, Paul Daly, Mark Fullerton, Earl Geier, Bob Giadrosich, Grant Goleash, Rick Harris, David Martin, Thomas Darrel Midgette, David Miller

Format: Softcover


Scenarios: Deep Trouble (Pgs 70 - 73)

Articles: N/A

Additional: Introduction

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