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Chakota Origin: Masks of Nyarlathotep; also described in Malleus Monstrorum


Detail from "Lovecraft's Nightmare" by Michael Whelan

A hideous entity composed of dozens of human faces set into a six-foot (two meter) tall, three-foot (one meter) thick, cylindrical, worm-like mass of sickly, purple-veined muscle.

The Chakota attacks by biting and eating victims to death with its grotesquely animated, weeping, shrieking, and gibbering faces, but the Chakota is immobile and incapable of chasing or restraining its victims; with that limitation in mind, cultists who sacrifice victims to these entities have been known to keep the creatures at the bottom of a well or pit, or inside a locked room, into which they toss their bound and helpless sacrifices.

The more immediate danger from an encounter with a Chakota is more frequently that of sanity loss from beholding the horror, especially upon recognizing a familiar face, as the face of a victim sacrificed to a Chakota will soon join the others worn by the thing.

A Chakota is typically created by certain African cultists of Nyarlathotep through a ritual performed on a willing sacrifice, though why a cultist might willingly become a Chakota would surely be difficult for sane outsiders to the cult to imagine....

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