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This category consists mostly of the original creations of H.P. Lovecraft for his "mythos", though some entries may originate in stories ghost-written, edited, or collaborated on by Lovecraft, or later elaborated on by other writers (for example, the Gyaa-yothn and People of K'n-yan might have been creations of co-author of "The Mound" Zelia Bishop, and the "Byakhee" is an invention of August Derleth, but the description appears earlier, in a Lovecraft story.) Many of the popular incarnations of mythos elements are actually more the creation of writers for the Call of Cthulhu (RPG) including Sandy Petersen, who would elaborate on creatures that Lovecraft gave only the sketchiest of descriptions of (for example, Zoogs, Buopoths). Wherever a Mythos element is known for sure to have been the creation of another writer, it is instead attributed to that author and not included here.


Lovecraftian Monsters: