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Lovecraft has been associated with a particularly bleak and pessimistic outlook on strangers, modern society, humanity in general, and the universe at large, and for some viewers, has become almost synonymous with hopeless endings inflicted on doomed protagonists.

In the spirit of those stereotypical Lovecraftian "Downer Endings", the heroes of the movies in this category do not ultimately "win", they cannot truly save the world, and the horrors of the "Mythos" (or the film's internal equivalent) cannot be defeated for long, perhaps at best only delayed. In some cases, these films start out depressing and only get worse from there, taking Stephen King's infamous motto of "why do bad things happen to good people? because they can!", and stripping even that much hope away, leaving instead a film fueled by "bad things are always going to happen, because there's no hope that they won't!"

In the "is the glass half-full or half-empty" world of these films, the "half-empty" side of the argument is the optimistic one - the other side has an empty and broken glass which the designated viewpoint character might get a chance to cut his wrists with by the end of the film, if he (or she, or it) is really really lucky....

Note that Lovecraft's stories did sometimes include a relatively upbeat ending - see "Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (fiction)" and "Dunwich Horror (fiction)" for just a couple examples. And, very few horror films ever end on a completely positive note, due to the nature of the horror genre. So, in general, this category is actually included to account for those films which can claim little resemblance to Lovecraft's work beyond a lack of a clear-cut happy ending....

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