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Films featuring crumbling, ancient, generally prehistoric (or even pre-human) ruins. These are often variations on Ye Olde Standing Stones, but can also include ancient pyramids, dungeons, towers, and even occasional derelict vehicles (perhaps the spacecraft of Ancient Aliens....)

Lovecraft enjoyed the idea of ruins, apparently as a way to hint at great gulfs of time lurking before the ages science would admit to.

Trivia: Atephobia is a fear of ruin or ruins; archaeophobia is a fear of very old things; megalophobia is a fear of large things; placophobia is a fear of tombstones; petraphobia is a fear of rocks; bathophobia is a fear of depths (such as deep pits, tunnels, dungeons, etc.); acrophobia is a fear of heights (such as very high or tall ruins); bathmophobia is the fear of stairs or steep slopes; toichophobia is a fear of walls; .