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Help on my Delta Green adventure

Delta Green Modern

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#1 dazzleox



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Posted 29 January 2018 - 04:21 PM

Hi helpful people.


Basically the outline I was working on is that there are four known copies of the play The King in Yellow.  I know it's cliche these days but my group has never done anything related to this! 


The fear by DG is that it the play's very print existence is a threat to humanity.  I wanted to take advantage of using the Delta Green Countdown Hastur Mythos section, slowly weaving in some of John Tynes ideas as they globe trot to capture copies of the book and then sort seeing and experience strange dreams and visions.  Also sprinkle in some of the weird encounters from "Night Floors"  maybe.


Anyway, book leads the Agents get:


1. NYC. Last known to be a copy at a certain real life Rare Books store.  But they eventually learn it was bought by a member of Club Apocalypse.  The Green Door to Carcosa is here so maybe this has to happen last.


2. Messina, South Africa.  Copy owned by Afrikaner occult researcher and former border war colonel. Need bush pilot to reach his remote farm.  Likely a combat scene.


3. Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong.  Alleged cult has inside the temple that is built within the world's densest urban maze.  Need a good twist beyond the unique locale.  Do have a great set of clues and pictures from when the Walled City still existed.  Possible stealth or combat scene.


4. Miskatonic University, Arkham Mass.  Part of the antique book collection.  Basically I threw this in here as more of a gimmie and chance for them to visit New England relatives/sources of stability/etc.  Plus I have a map of the library I haven't used before.


The game setting is January - March? 1993 but I'd use the new DG rules because I like them better.  I set it in 1993 also because that's when the Walled City was set for demolition, so there could be some race against time before that lead is destroyed.  Also it was a year of great tension in South Africa, with the assassination of Chris Hani and the creation of an interim constitution. New York City was more grimy and the world trade center bombing happened then too.


I don't mind a certain amount of railroading -- maybe their source finds out about leads on books in a certain order or maybe they get them all at once and it's open MoN style.  


One place I'm really struggling is I had a finale thought about learning that their cell contact plans on simply destroying the books while someone else mysterious approaches them about the need to study the play.  But is there a better ethical dilemma?  That doesn't feel very interesting to me.  Or if the finale is the Countdown section on rescuing someone from Carcosa itself?

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#2 JeffErwin


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 04:59 PM

If you want to make things dark, a "not-real" Penguin edition - could appear out of the corner of their eyes (after the end) on the shelves after they visit Borders/Barnes & Noble for coffee.

#3 theuglyamerican


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 05:46 PM

I think in this kind of structure it would be helpful to determine which order the PCs are going to tackle the cities in. That way you can ramp up the weird as you go from one to the next.


So, using the order you laid out above, the NYC chapter would be creepy and unsettling but not outright warped. People giving weird looks, maybe stores being one block over from where they remember them being -- nothing that couldn't be chalked up to faulty memory or paranoia. 


Messina is weirder -- maybe one player thinks he catches a glimpse of twin suns in the sky, or maybe the animals act weird. If there's a combat scene it would definitely be tinged with weirdness, like maybe during the fight a wild lion attacks the group or something. Maybe the clouds at sunset form what could be interpreted as a Yellow Sign...


When I think of Kowloon Walled City, I think of how confusing it must have been to navigate around the place. Now couple that with the reality-warping effects of the King in Yellow and Carcosa, and you have a perfect situation for playing with the minds of the PCs, and the players too. Sometimes things won't be the same when they're viewed from a different angle or returned to, but you can play that up as an "are things really changing, am I lost, or am I going nuts?" situation. It's also a chance to go all "The Raid: Redemption" on the group, where they penetrate deep into a place they can't easily get out of, then they do one wrong thing and suddenly they're surrounded by enemies -- you get to have a great extended action sequence. But that doesn't mean you can't play with mutable reality with an action sequence too -- a resident seems normal and nonhostile, then suddenly turns into a monster -- and then turns back. Is the resident a monster, or are the PCs perceptions unreliable?


Then Arkham...forget it Jake, it's Carcosatown. Transition to the future as seen by Chambers. Maybe the PCs board a jet airliner to return to Arkham, only for it to turn into a zeppelin in mid-flight. Or maybe they walk through a door in the Johannesburg airport and suddenly they're Arkham reimagined through a Chambers lens, with suicide booths on the corner and a big cavalry parade ground in the middle of town. Regardless, at this point they can't trust anything they see or hear. And they can be on the Night Floors timer -- if they linger too long in Chambers' Arkham, they're in that timeline forever. 

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#4 dazzleox



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Posted 29 January 2018 - 05:55 PM

Nice, thanks for the suggestions!  Will use about all of them.

#5 Bishop


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Posted 30 January 2018 - 06:15 PM

Here are some questions I have for you.  When they find the books, what are they doing with them?  Are they destroyed?  Can they even be destroyed?  If not, what is to be done with them?  Sent to A-Cell?  Sink them in concrete under WTC Ground Zero?  Also, as they collect them, what happens when the books are brought in proximity of each other? And if they can't be destroyed and it gets worse when they are together, where do they hide 4 books?  I personally wouldn't allow them to be destroyed and have their influence compound as they are drawn together.  Giving the players an ongoing, and growing, problem beyond just recovery.


Another question to ask, how do the agents protect themselves from the affects of the plays?  Just their presence can influence the world around them, so how can they counter or minimize this long enough to recover all the books?    Do they have to take a year off between each encounter with a play to let the affects diminish?  Do the affects ever wear off?


Just some things to chew on.


#6 dazzleox



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Posted 31 January 2018 - 06:43 PM

Bishop, good questions. That's a lot of what I still need to figure out.  I want to provide them with a few valid but problematic choices about what to do with the books that can create some debate among my players.  Especially if A cell has a different feeling from the majority of the Agents, for example.

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