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[Delta Green] The Cult of K'Tulu alive and kicking

Delta Green

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#21 The_Tatterdemalion_King


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Posted 19 September 2016 - 07:07 PM

Something I hadn't thought about until I read this thread, and saw the mention of the Cthulhu cult as a network of disparate cults around the world - you could fairly easily make the Cult of Transcendence a Cthulhu cult.

You could also just let go of the Bishop/Master level of the cult writeup and rearrange it so that the innermost cabal of the Exalted Circle (which is supposedly funding everything anyway) has suborned a bunch of subsidiary cults to better understand what it is they worship (Interlife for the 'dreaming' aspect, the Lamplighters for the deep-time-context, the Brotherhood of New Potential for the 'shouting and killing' aspect).
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Posted 28 September 2016 - 02:27 AM

I was thinking of using Cthulhu as the main antagonist in my own Delta Green campaign.  My idea was taking from Pisces experiments with psychics that ended tragically after the big disaster of 1925.  Cthulhu is not just some massive monster, but has powerful psychic abilities as well.


The campaign was going to begin with a shotgun scenario based around an escape psychic from a program (it could be Pisces, Mj-12, The Cult of Transcendence..anyone who might be working on tapping into psychic power).  I don't remember the name of the scenario but the end has one or more investigators being drawn into the killer's mind.  I was going to hint that something big and powerful was watching, slimey and dark and super powerful.  Arranging things and waiting for their time....


I would probably run several scenarios based around this group kidnapped and experimenting on psychics or people with magical talent.  They find that the group is basically trying to recreate the 1925 Pisces incident for their own purpose.


The finale would involve tracking down this group to a facility.  The Cthulhu Now scenario 'Dreams Dark and Deadly' was the basis for it.  The psychics are strapped into some sort of device to try and harness their power.  However the psychic energy is enough for Cthulhu, the thing lurking behind the scenes, to act.  Using the dead bodies dumped in the lake and bits of twisted metal, it forms itself into a horrible psychic energy version of Cthulhu made up of lake mud, twisted rusted metal and dead corpses.  A walking stumbling horror that the PCs must stop.

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Posted 29 September 2016 - 04:51 PM

And there is the answer - Cthulhu Cults hiding in plain sight, selling plushies of their Tentacled Overlord to the unsuspecting masses.  Sooooooon, sooooooon...


See I think there's legs in this. If you've ever read the Tripods books this is how the invasion started. A few tripods landed but were blown up, all done and dusted but then this new Children's TV show showed up. Lots of quick cuts, flashing images, a bit like manga and showed the Tripods as heroes. Kids and then adults started to watch and then get addicted. From there they started to force people to put on caps that made them subservient to the point that followers of the Tripods would cling to the outside of the three legged terrors creating a human shield.


With Cthulhu why not the same thing, a stealth cult one that starts off with kids toys, making the ancient one more palatable. From this a joke cult starts, a reaction to the worlds religions. Forms of mind control are brought in, a tie-in drink with a brand new Saturday morning cartoon or new You tube channel. From what starts out as a joke you can build something really sinister. The passage in the Tripods where one of the Tripods walks past an uncapped teenager and one of the Tripod followers loses her grip and lands beside him, is uncomfortable. He tries to comfort her and she just wants to be with the Tripod. And all this from a children's TV show.     

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