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#241 Lisa


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 05:49 PM

Okay, I think what you did with Teake was brilliant. He is the obvious target, and for precisely the reason you said, which had never occurred to me.


I don't know the 1930s USA legal system well, and I probably tend more towards "tv law" in general, it being a rare exception when I ask a lawyer friend who has spare time what the likely situation would be. Also, you want the campaign to move forward, and I rather like encouraging the kind of roleplay where the players deliberately have their PCs screw up for reasons that make sense -- although it's a fine line between that and the point where everyone's suspension of disbelief snaps if the authorities do let the PCs go / anyone trusts them again / their patron still wants anything to do with them. You want a mechanism for introducing new PCs, but... yeah, it's often best if the same PCs are there throughout, progressively more battered in mind and body.


I think Janet and the ex-bureau contact can cover for the PCs -- this time. But Janet probably wants to know what is going on, and both probably want to caution the PCs that they can only do so much and have now done most, if not all, of it. Does that make sense?

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#242 BenJoss


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 06:29 PM

Perfect! That’s great and reinforces my way of thinking.

I’m going to play it up with the two players for a bit, let them stew on what will happen, maybe add a very good but equally passive aggressive box lawyer from New York who relays Janice’s feelings after they get off.

It’s probably worth mentioning that they are thinking of contacting JWR again to ask her to subsidise Job’s stay at Joy Grove to avoid him being sent back to LA.

Interesting to see how that one turns out.

Thanks for all the advice Lisa, been a real help!

#243 Lisa


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Posted 22 November 2017 - 06:38 PM

Sure thing!


If Job does get sent back, have the wheels of justice turn slowly enough that by the time his execution rolls around, well -- that coincides with when his situation changes. So, instead of Joy Grove, they have to find him in an LA prison. Easy to transplant.


Either way, if you can keep him in contact with the PCs, that's cool -- even if it's distantly, like having them follow news about his trial / sentencing, the delays, the final decision as they're about to climb, that sort of thing. If he's kept in Joy Grove and they had anything to do with that, have him write shaky notes thanking them, maybe mentioning Ayres -- anything you can do to keep in the PCs' minds, subtly, that Job has an emotional connection to Ayres, do it. This paid off very well for me when the PCs put it all together at the end and one of them said, "Wait -- we need to pick up Ayres first."

#244 chicklewis


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Posted 01 December 2017 - 12:32 AM

EDIT:  I did manage to find Justin's astonishingly cool book details through Google.  THANKS JUSTIN !


My memory may be playing tricks on me.   Eternal Lies lists eleven suggested book titles, from 'Adrift in a Storm Tossed Sky' through "The Temple of Furtea-Nya', which could be found in Trammel's Library in Los Angeles.  The list is intended to disguise the importance to the campaign of 'The Gaze of Azathoth'.  


It is very likely that my players will carry off and peruse each of these books.  However, I'm not really clever enough to invent interesting short or detailed descriptions of what each volume contains.  I may have seen such details in existing game aids, but am not confident of this. Has anyone created such a game aid?   


What did you clever keepers do to flesh-out this book list in your campaigns?


Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers.



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#245 Lisa


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Posted 01 December 2017 - 03:16 AM

What I did was encourage the players to have their PCs ship all the books in the library to an NPC to sort through -- remember, he's got a huge library and the titles listed are just a sampling.


So, I controlled the timing on when they got the list. I created the list by taking a couple of online occult catalogs and pruning a bit, and adding the ones from the book, and maybe a couple of others. One of the players went through the list and selected a much smaller list -- it's possible there was an extra step in there where we went from many many pages to three, but I'd have to check my notes. And there was a side step where we marveled that some of the more outre sounding titles were absolutely real.


I did this before the Alexandrian Remix, and I was curating not just the list but the clues very carefully -- you can find here and in the general EL thread a whole LOT of discussion about how to deal with the twist so that it didn't feel like a bait and switch on the player-GM level.


If you think the list would be helpful and it's not already somewhere in this thread, let me know and I can send it or re-up it here or something.