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The Keep
Call of Cthulhu Character Sheets

This is a free, fan-made service that'll help you to create tidy, printable character sheets for Call of Cthulhu right here on the web. You don't need any special software, just a web-browser with cookies enabled and javascript turned on.

Besides making printable sheets, you can also download .COC files of the characters you create. This type of file can be loaded straight into the Byakhee CoC character editor for Windows.

Any characters you create are stored online here permanently. Please consider supporting by making a donation to help keep the site running.

How does this work then?

First off, make sure you're using a reasonably up-to-date web-browser. The service makes use of lots of AJAX and DHTML and other whizz-bang acronyms, so if you're on an Internet Explorer older than V6, a Firefox older than V2, an Opera older than V9 or a Safari older than whatever the current Safari version is - don't be surprised if it all goes horribly wrong. Best results, especially when printing, seem to come from Firefox, but your mileage may vary.

Start by logging in. The Keep has its own logins - they're not related to your account. Choose a User ID and a Password and pop them in the box over there on the left. Like the box says, if this is your first time - just make something up, there's no special registration procedure.

The service doesn't ask for any information about you at all, not even an email address but you do need to have Javascript and Cookies enabled in your web-browser. Also, don't forget that password, because there's no way to get it back.

Once you've logged in, the login box (which you can drag around by its titlebar, by the way), changes to show the list of characters currently stored in your account. To start with there'll be none so click the create a character link.

You should see a very recognisable and pretty accurate Call of Cthulhu character sheet displayed.

Editing the sheet really couldn't be any easier - just click into any space where you'd expect to scribble down some numbers on a real sheet and type something in. As soon as you click away from a field or select a different one, any values that need to be re-calculated will automatically update (eg Hit Points, Damage Bonus etc).

Whilst you're looking at a character sheet, the menu box displays a few options:

  • Re-load values from the database
    Changed a bunch of numbers and want to change them back but you've forgotten what was there before? Clicking this will return the character's values back to the state they were in the last time you saved it.
  • Save values to database
    Whatever you've changed on the page is not saved until you click this or until you click the Close Character link and answer Yes when it asks you if you want to save. If you change a bunch of values and then just browse off elsewhere or close the window, your changes will be lost.
  • Delete this character
    Fairly straightforward. There's an "Are you sure?" prompt just in case of accidental clicks.
  • Close character and go back to the list
    Does exactly what it says. Whether you've changed anything or not this will always ask you if you want to save first.
  • Download sheet for use in The Keep or Byakhee
    When you click this, your web-browser should pop up a dialog asking you where you want to save a file. The file is a .COC format version of your character. Its not particularly readable on its own but David Harvey's excellent Byakhee - CoC Character Editor will load these files up.
  • Re-roll stats and clear skills
    Whether you're starting a fresh character with a blank sheet or you just want some new stats for an existing idea in development, clicking this blanks out all the skill fields (including hand-to-hand and firearm skills) and rolls a new set of basic characteristics for the characters using the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying rules (3d6 for STR, CON, DEX, POW and APP, 2d6+6 for INT and SIZE and 3d6+3 for EDU).


Well, that's pretty much all there is to it. I hope you find it useful!

I'd like to say thanks again to David Harvey for Byakhee, which is still a terrific and useful app, Ivor Hawthorne for the donated spooky background photograph and also to Jon Hook for some notch help in testing the service here and getting it ready to go public.


Legal blurb: We do our best to choose quality hosting and keep stuff backed up but if something explodes at the datacentre and you lose your characters, it isn't my fault! Also, Call of Cthulhu is a registered trademark of Chaosium Inc.