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H.P. Lovecraft Collected Essays: Complete CD

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This groundbreaking CD-ROM incorporates not only the text of the entire five volumes of H. P. Lovecraft's Collected Essays, with annotations, bibliographical citations, and introductions, but also the complete texts of Lovecraft's own journal The Conservative, plus actual scans of the entire run of the journal.

This amazing archive is fully searchable, so scholars can readily locate and identify the most useful citations. For instance, searching "Boston" returns 224 instances spread through the five volumes of essays, plus four results in The Conservative. Results of searches are presented in a separate window, assembled in easy-to-read listings which link back to the source text.

Many of Lovecraft's own illustrations and star maps are also incorporated in remarkable clarity, including some appearing in full color for the first time. Other unique features of this electronic edition include links between the essays and chronological and alphabetical listings of all of Lovecraft’s works.

Whether the task is to locate a dim-remembered phrase from "A Descent to Avernus," or finding all of HPL's appearances in Dowdell's Bearcat, research was never easier! Comprising over a million words, with this handy, portable CD-ROM Lovecraftians need never lack suitable reading material again.

CD-ROM designed and implemented by David E. Schultz, with the assistance of Donovan K. Loucks.