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*This entry is for information only*

Looking for Lovecraftian Letters, a Wax Cylinder or

other interesting items offered by YSDC?

"The Little Shop of Cosmic Horrors from Yog-Sothoth" is now a dedicated boutique for Patrons of this site.

When you're logged in with your Patron account you will be able to access and acquire our exclusive items and offerings, many of them limited-run and hand crafted.

Come, join us, peer through the veil, and see what delights await you...


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Patronage (Info only)

*This entry is for information only*

(It conveys no benefits.)

If you're reading this then either you're not logged in

or your account is new and not yet approved by the admin.

If you enjoy and make use of what we offer then please consider becoming a Patron of Yog-Sothoth.

Being a Patron is the most effective way to help us. In thanks for your support some additional benefits may be available. Without patronage "Olde Yoggie" would quickly disappear.

Possible Patron benefits include:
  • Access to the Patron forums.
  • YSDC audio game campaigns & other recordings.
  • A decade of seminar & convention recordings.
  • Access to the chat rooms.
  • Hundreds of other exclusive patron-only files.
  • Private/Club Blogs.
  • Personal Photo Albums.
  • Post file attachments & longer signature file.
  • Bigger Private Messages box (15x larger).
  • Private Message auto-responders.
  • The Innsmouth Inquirer newsletter.
  • Sneak peeks & early testing of new YSDC projects.
  • Access to the Cthulhu Breakfast Club.
A potential cornucopia of content. Thank you for your support and help in keeping YSDC going for the benefit of everyone.

*All levels of support are available once you have an approved account and are logged in*

Standard Patronage is offered at £12 quarterly on a recurring basis.

You remain in full control and responsible for your subscription through PayPal.

Should Yog-Sothoth cease operation, all recurring support will be cancelled immediately.

What you are reading now is for information only; adding this item to your basket will not confer any benefits of site patronage.