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Painted cover today, and turned into a spiffy JPEG!

Posted by tammywilding in tammywilding's Blog, 15 February 2017 · 63 views

Painted cover today, and turned into a spiffy JPEG! Nearly managed to get the result I wanted. It more or less looks like the vision I had in my minds eye, when I started.
All good fun.


Dark Carnival Session Four Part 1 - Plots and Plans

Posted by Max_Writer in Blog Max_Writer, 15 February 2017 · 116 views
CoC 1-6e, Jazz Age

Monday, February 13, 2017  
(After playing the Call of Cthulhu scenario “Dark Carnival” by David A. Hargrave from Curse of the Chthonians Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. with Ashton LeBlanc, Collin Townsend, Ben Abbott, Yorie Latimer, and Joey Scott.)  
Evelyn Fairfield had been too busy at the Providence Journal on Wednesday, May 16, 1928,...


British pulp adventure and travelogues

Posted by Shimmin Beg in Shimmin Bloeg, 10 February 2017 · 58 views

So the scenario currently known as Lincolnshire II is still sat on my hard drive, waiting for the right conflux of me being in the mood, my group being available, time, energy, and possibly some feedback from beta readers, before I subject them to it. 
Technically I am working on Lincolnshire III, but my writing tends to have to go where my mind wand...


Death in the Post, first session

Posted by Taavi in Gold's Books and Antiquities, 09 February 2017 · 105 views
Jazz Age

Tobias Gold , a Jewish seller of occult and curious books located in Charing Cross, and his assistant, Owen Davies, who specialises in the preparation and sale of exacting reproductions for the undiscerning collector, are invited by a distinguished client and collector of obscure tomes, Mr George Edmundson, to make a house call. Mr Edmundson has even unb...


Robinson Gruesome

Posted by Judgetrev in Judgetrev's Blog, 03 February 2017 · 61 views

I ran my first game over Skype this evening. It went pretty well, i think. I played with a random stranger i met on YSDC. I certainly felt a bit nervous or self conscious. It is something I have been wanting to do for some time now, and I finally frikkin did it! So I am happy now. Whew. We played a selection from monophobia ( which I learned about...


A new group, a new campaign

Posted by coomber in coomber's Blog, 20 January 2017 · 138 views

Having not had a chance to play CoC for years, I finally got around to getting another group and getting started. 
The characters: Grant , a handsome jock with little going on between the ears whose sporting prowess managed to get him a scholarship and an education. 
Neilson , a big, fat, ugly doctor. 
Ullerton , a clumsy, gangly, but brill...


M. R. Jame's Rules for an effective ghost story

Posted by Graham in Graham's Blog, 17 January 2017 · 127 views

Post the second... 
British ghost story writer M. R. James was one of the authors singled out for mention in Lovecraft's essay 'Supernatural Horror in Literature' as being one of the modern masters of horror literature. James's own opinion of Lovecraft's writing may be found in his essay 'Ghost's Treat Them Gently!', where he refers to the type of fi...


2016 gaming log for RPGs

Posted by ash in ash's Blog, 15 December 2016 · 139 views

2016 has been a bad year overall but a very good one for gaming and enjoying hobby stuff. Thanks for everyone who took part and participated.
Recently took part in The RPG Brigade's third annual convention for Childsplay charity.
Managed to raise close to 2000 US dollars this year on donations and t shirt sales.  We played Mutant Future: The Bik...


Film List 1 - Thoughts on describing a film as "Lovecraftian"....

Posted by yronimoswhateley in The Apocalyptic Log of Yronimos W., 22 November 2016 · 222 views

Background : It seemed like an easy project at first: I would try putting together a list of "Lovecraftian" films for the YSDC Wiki. What could possibly go wrong? After all, on one hand, there seemed to be only so many films out there that were definitely based on Lovecraft stories, and it seemed that most of us who were familiar with Lovecraft and w...


Operation Piercing the Darkness

Posted by MonkeyPrime in Tell me about your Occult related Room?, 10 November 2016 · 196 views
CoC 7e

Dramatis Personae:
Lucas Finch, British mathematician
Patrick Richardson, British sportsman
Rev. Calvin Reed
Frank Moore, British Martial Artist
Philip Murphy, British former thief
Col. Roger Marsden, New Zealand Marine Setting 1941 SOE call in the investigators for a rather more mundane mission that what they're used to. Crothers wants them to...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Picture in the House

Posted by yockenthwaite in Blog yockenthwaite, 29 October 2016 · 275 views

I find the opening a bit parochial to be honest. It's rather an overblown claim to make to say that the worst terrors are found in rural New England. Even accounting for knowing of Lovecraftian horrors - as a reader, at a meta level - this doesn't ring true to me, and lifts me out of the story. And yes I know that this comes partly from Lovecraft's upbrin...


Ad-Hoc Scenario: The Voyage of The Caledonian

Posted by Galbraith in Mutterings from Providence, 08 October 2016 · 239 views
Jazz Age

This past week, I ran a completely ad-hoc scenario as the result of a poor decision at two in the morning. In all, we had playing:
James Wilkinson, Alabamian prizefighter with an EDU of 19 (!)
Cecile Bardot, French mystic and accountant for Wilkinson
Xavier Billingsford, British drug smuggler and "legitimate businessman"
Walter Williams, Billingsford's ch...



Posted by Butters in Blog Butters, 25 September 2016 · 251 views

Did we use Luck wrong in previous editions? did anyone use it to save a character or was it just a skill you used to see if you had remembered to bring a flashlight?


Session #5 - Ross' Corner, IL

Posted by DAR in Blog DAR, 16 September 2016 · 224 views
Pulp, CoC 7e

So, this came after a extra long break due to various work and recreation conflicts among the group. The game opened with the somewhat belated relaization that the group hadn't utilized thier downtime very effectively (I gave them the chance to do research, but nobody did so) and it was a great example of "time passes quicker than you realized" - just lik...


Well-dressed man

Posted by K_Peterson in What I did on my summer vacation..., 23 July 2016 · 419 views

Well-dressed man This sharp-dressed fellow may be one of my favorite investigators to paint so far. The shader really helped his vest and exposed skin to "pop" (visually), creating a nice contrast to the tuxedo. He's got a casual, comfortable pose. 
Although it's probably not that visible from the (poor) photo, this minis has a lot of facial detail. Painting up the m...


Soldiers of Pen and Ink

Posted by Madam30th in Blog Madam30th, 23 July 2016 · 448 views

Please do not read on if you intend to play/run the game as this post contains some thoughts on possible additions/changes to the scenario to make it run better.
************************************************************************************************************************************************ I've recently played through this scenario wi...


On the Appointed Day, Our Heroes Depart for Their Big Adventure

So, first episode of the campaign actually breaks out. To get started, since I found myself starting in something of a hurry, I found a free scenario on line, written for Harn world. This had some potential--it was rather simple, being a murder mystery. It had some treasure that could be found (key in a fantasy game) and it had some hooks to further ad...


Dreamhounds of Paris: The doctor will see you now (2)

Posted by GBSteve in Blog GBSteve, 17 May 2016 · 454 views

In Session 2, this happened.  
Dali wakes up in an arm chair, naked and cold from having spent the night there. He stalks back upstairs and still naked starts to paint on the great canvas in the attic that he had prepared some days earlier. In the cold morning light inspiration comes. The painting is off a forest but is somehow also Gala, picked ou...


Snowscape - Session 6 - Cabin

Posted by windandfire in Windandfire's Blog, 09 May 2016 · 486 views

Call of Cthulhu Custom Scenario - Snowscape
Players - Characters:
Lou - Keeper & Professor Thomas
Troy - Aguta
Ray - Caleb Weatherbee
Peter - Dr. David Whie
Mike - Dr. Nigel Kerr

Alaskan Wilderness
Thursday, August 29th 1930 - Unknown time

Caleb sprinted away from the oncoming...


Ring a Ring o' Roses

Posted by Emrys in Nightmares in Norfolk, 07 May 2016 · 441 views

Mollie has a decision to make when they get back to the cars - does she slap Caleb or shoot him? I do like a little foreshadowing. Don't you? Mollie: I have a decision to make. Do I slap or shoot Caleb?
Caleb: For any particular reason?
M: Yes. Six of them.
C: That you walked into on your own, with no help from anyone else.
M: No backup either....

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