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yock's Lovecraftathon: Celephais

Posted by yockenthwaite in Blog yockenthwaite, 12 May 2018 · 38 views

It's been too long since one of these reviews. Apologies folks! Hoping to get back into the swing of things with a more regular schedule. And first up is this one, again from the Eldritch Tales collection. 
I really like Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories, though I know they're not to everyone's tastes. For me they are a wonderful mix of the exotic east...


Our Ladies of Sorrow Musings (spoilers)

Posted by Lisa in Blog Lisa, 11 May 2018 · 95 views

I've bought a box of 120 crayons and have done three drawings, including the ones that are probably the most important. I'm probably overdoing this. 
I've made a map using something from Google and am not sure why I can't copy it so I can have one without all the points that didn't exist then but also without the green, and one with all of that -- or...


Japanese CoC unofficial site

Posted by Mimumu in Japanese CoC players Blog, 08 May 2018 · 57 views
Online, CoC 1-6e

This site is Japanese CoC unofficial site. Japanese CoC official don't have official site.
http://seesaawiki.jp/trpgyarouzu/  This page is Japanese CoC official supplement and scenario page.
http://seesaawiki.jp...  This page is Japanese Interim CoC s...


Terror Over Tokyo 4: The Demon Procedure Part 1 - The Doolittle Raid

Posted by Max_Writer in Blog Max_Writer, 07 May 2018 · 295 views
CoC 7e

Friday, May 4, 2018  
(After playing the original Call of Cthulhu scenario “Terror Over Tokyo 4: The Demon Procedure” Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Appalachian State University NerdCon 2018 with Gina Towey, Dante Valentine, Carl Cordini, Tilak Lipscomb, and Christopher Weiler.)  
World War II started on Sept. 1, 1939, whe...


The Crack'd and Crook'd Manse, Part One

Posted by Thomas Craven in Thomas Craven's Journal, 18 April 2018 · 101 views

SPOILER ALERT : The following text contains information about a certain estate in Gamwell, Massachusetts, and its owner, Mr. Arthur Cornthwaite. Perusal of this text is strongly discouraged for all except those Keepers who wish to conduct their own investigations into this matter. Investigators wishing to visit Gamwell in connection with Mr. Cornthwaite s...


Off to Germany

Posted by Shimmin Beg in Shimmin Bloeg, 09 April 2018 · 144 views

I am about to head on a business trip to Germany; alas, unconnected with the scenario I'm writing and not taking me to its intended location T_T 
I will keep an eye out for Lovecraftian and related goodies while I'm there, and may try to pick up some gaming swag. I've already made the pleasant discovery that Hiveworld is just round the corner from o...


Horror on the Orient Express: Paris Episode 2

Posted by maglaurus in Blog maglaurus, 02 April 2018 · 153 views

Edelmiro Cervantes – Spanish-born Occultist touring Britain.
Dr. Klaus Fischer – German-born Psychiatrist, disciple of Jung.
Flora Bianchin – Italian Nurse and Midwife, saw the Great War up close. (absent)
Mikhail Sokolov – Exiled Russian Aristo-turned-Criminal.
Viktor Gruzinsky – Bolshevik Spy posing as Exiled Russian Aristo. (absent)
Lavinia Wray –...


NYC #14 - The Pennywell Hangmen, Part One

Posted by viscounteric in Blog viscounteric, 06 March 2018 · 204 views

After solving the riddles of the NWI mines, our Investigators were hailed as heroes, given their pay and a complimentary bottle of Canadian whiskey, and promptly sent back to New York City. Three of them, at least. Mike and Jeffrey decided to stay on and honor their contracts with NWI. They exchanged information and saw the others off at the station at R...


Forget Me Not (80's edition) - First Session

Posted by DeUniversumMysteriis in DeUniversumMysteriis' Blog, 04 March 2018 · 216 views

Forget Me Not (80's edition) - First Session Introduction :
I've run Forget Me Not (Great adventure from The Things We Leave Behind published by Stygian Fox) for three of my friends during two long game sessions. I took the liberty to set the story in 1987 because I wanted to give that "retro" flair to the game for my players. Also, we've used pre-generated characters because I thought it was mor...


Shadows of Yog Sothoth

Posted by Judgetrev in Judgetrev's Blog, 23 January 2018 · 382 views

I have been running three players through this classic campaign for a good number of months now. We have been pretty good at getting together Monday nights online and playing for a couple hours. TWO HOUR GAME LIMIT....
This actually works out so well for me as a keeper. The prep I have to do is so minimal. They can only get so far off track in two...


Free PDF of my novel Dragon! In its much rewritten umteenth edition!

Posted by tammywilding in tammywilding's Blog, 10 January 2018 · 309 views

Available for download from my Facebook Group!
Link Below:


Seven years of sometimes awesome online gaming.

Posted by Butters in Blog Butters, 26 December 2017 · 534 views

Well I was a little shocked to see that I returned to Cthulhu's slightly damp embrace seven years ago and it was all thanks to the internet and this website. I have gamed with several groups and overall I've been very lucky as so far all the people I have met been fun and enthusiastic about the hobby but there has been a few bumpy patches along the way so...


Intimate Encounters

Posted by Onemeantoaster in Onemeantoaster's Blog, 13 November 2017 · 719 views

Part IV
Intimate Encounters  Some weeks after the four experienced the strange dream Rafe Weston, FBI agent undercover as Private Security Christopher Rameriz received an email from his contact:  Field Agent Weston
Congratulations, you’ve been reactivated.  Don’t get too excited, I expect that fact we needed someone to do some detective...


TERROR - adapted as a start to a GRU SV8 campaign

Posted by Madam30th in Blog Madam30th, 13 August 2017 · 1,418 views

[spoiler alert - do not read if you intend to be a player in TERROR] I always liked the TERROR scenario: the idea that players are being tested for their loyalty prior to being erased from the living and turned into special agents investigating the mythos that reaches into the very heart of the Soviet state has such pulpy overtones. but the scenario...


The Madness is Illusory

Posted by MiskatonicProf in The Zen of the Strange, 25 July 2017 · 900 views

"But it would be dangerous to search too earnestly for the allegorical in Titus Groan . It remains essentially a work of the closed imagination, in which a world parallel to our own is presented in almost paranoiac denseness of detail. But the madness is illusory, and control never falters. It is, if you like, a rich wine of fancy chilled by the intell...


Mythic CoC 02 - It's moving!

Posted by JohnDi in Random Call of Cthulhu, 28 June 2017 · 1,212 views

http://www.nchistori...ldkyhometom.jpg At the boarding house, the door was opened by a stolid looking Portuguese woman, a miss Ferreira. While seemingly not thrilled to have a visitor, I noticed her looking more than once at the cat on my shoulder with a soft expression, obviously another feline lover. After our exchange she went to fetch...


Azathoth: Cold and Gold

Posted by echofalls in Blog echofalls, 09 March 2017 · 1,252 views

"it is said, that, beneath all the chaos, there is an underlying pattern of perfect order."  Once, there was no change, no entropy. Only the pattern and everything that belonged, designed and created to suit its purpose.
Today, the pattern remains, but only in tatters, warped in new ways. From the echoes of the pattern came change and thought; driv...


Death in the Post, second session

Posted by Taavi in Gold's Books and Antiquities, 24 February 2017 · 1,430 views
Jazz Age

Mr Tom Driberg, society reporter and scandal hound, currently working for the Daily Clarion , has revealed himself as the original recipient of the puzzling pseudo-Egyptian scroll which he passed to Mr Edmundson, knowing Edmundson's interest in antique manuscripts. Owen Davies also recognises Mr Driberg as a frequenter of a number of nightspots for young...


A new group, a new campaign

Posted by coomber in coomber's Blog, 20 January 2017 · 1,858 views

Having not had a chance to play CoC for years, I finally got around to getting another group and getting started. 
The characters: Grant , a handsome jock with little going on between the ears whose sporting prowess managed to get him a scholarship and an education. 
Neilson , a big, fat, ugly doctor. 
Ullerton , a clumsy, gangly, but brill...


M. R. Jame's Rules for an effective ghost story

Posted by Graham in Graham's Blog, 17 January 2017 · 1,754 views

Post the second... 
British ghost story writer M. R. James was one of the authors singled out for mention in Lovecraft's essay 'Supernatural Horror in Literature' as being one of the modern masters of horror literature. James's own opinion of Lovecraft's writing may be found in his essay 'Ghost's Treat Them Gently!', where he refers to the type of fi...

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