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One-sided Character Sheet Design, also Session Report for "The Ballad of Bass Rock"

Posted by Galbraith in Mutterings from Providence, 25 November 2015 · 31 views
CoC 1-6e, Jazz Age and 1 more...

In the course of developing a sourcebook for CoC in Ancient Mesopotamia, I procrastinated on writing actually useful content by making a character sheet with the skills and characteristics used by the adaptation. Feedback is welcomed! I am thinking of adapting this design to standard Jazz Age Cthulhu as an alternative sheet, because having all of the cruc...



Posted by Emrys in Nightmares in Norfolk, 22 November 2015 · 54 views

Saturday, 16th August, 1924

Most. Appropriate. Prop. Ever.

Back in the cellar Mason and Forest are facing down the slime. Well, Forest is. With Mason it's more a case of him lying there, engulfed in pseudopod.

The taxi driver bravely throws his watering can full of salt onto the tentacle that's enveloped Mason'...


Come Forth the Shadows Session Five Part 1 - The Gathering Storm

Posted by Max_Writer in Blog Max_Writer, 19 November 2015 · 58 views

Monday, November 16, 2015 (After playing the original Call of Cthulhu scenario “Come Forth the Shadows” Sunday, Nov. 15, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with Katelyn Hogan, Kyle Matheson, and Hannah Gambino.) In the week since she had helped take part in a kidnapping, Miss Gwendolyn Holten had tried to throw herself into her work as a psychologist a...


BM 360

Posted by PoC in PoC's Yog Blog, 11 November 2015 · 155 views

While on a brief visit to the British Museum I took the opportunity to test out a small "360" (degree) camera, a Ricoh Theta S which I managed to acquire through the Amazon Affiliate scheme . The image quality is low (but then it is relatively cheap - especially when purchasing with credit) but it does give an idea of what may be coming down the pip...


yock's Lovecraftathon: Necronomicon review sum-up

Posted by yockenthwaite in Blog yockenthwaite, 05 November 2015 · 226 views

Now I've reviewed all the stories in the Gollancz Necronomicon collection I wanted to post some summary thoughts. Firstly I'm really glad that I started on this reviewing project. I got an awful lot out of reading all these stories. The discipline of trying to post a new review each week or so kept me going, when otherwise I might have stopped, or d...


Paperback Editions.

Posted by tammywilding in tammywilding's Blog, 21 October 2015 · 200 views

Well, it looks like my first three novellas are going to be available as paperbacks! Bit pricey though, $7 each. Actually this may not be that pricey, I know I've spent a lot more on a book in the past.
However, for unproven Novellas may be a bit much, they'll still be around as Ebooks $2.99 or £1.99 for the foreseeable future though...............


Snowscape - Session 4 - Survival

Posted by windandfire in Windandfire's Blog, 15 October 2015 · 193 views
CoC 1-6e

Call of Cthulhu Custom Scenario - Snowscape
Players - Characters:
Lou - Keeper & Professor Thomas
Troy - Aguta
Ray - Caleb Weatherbee
Peter - Dr. David Whie
Mike - Dr. Nigel Kerr
Greenwald Village, Alaska
Thursday, August 29th 1930 - Unknown time  Nigel sat down at his desk, ready to pen the start of his...



Posted by fluffy in Unseen Masters - Keeper's thread. (Players keep out, please), 04 October 2015 · 286 views

As I delve into part two of Unseen Masters I am debating a few issues in my head 1 What will be Helen's reaction to the way the game plays out? 2 When do I start part 3? 3 How will the others react to the situation? 4 Will the conundrum of belief/disbelief be effective, i.e. Can I carry it off? 5 Most of all, will it be fun for pl...


Scenario 1 - London - January 1923 - 2nd posting

Posted by Caligulaa in Horror on the Orient Express - Total Recap!, 04 October 2015 · 208 views

Colonel Williams and Frank Patterson were clearly running out of patience. Who was this irritating mustache man who so eagerly watched their conversation with Professor Smith ? And why did he run away when he was noticed? Time to find out. They were getting ready to bust the door to the antiques shop "The Crescent Treasury " when Frank suddenly put his...


Latest episode: King of the Ghouls

Posted by nickedwards in City State of the Eldritch Overlord, 04 October 2015 · 164 views

In the previous session I had to improvise having left the entire prep work at home (or rather I thought I had left it last time and hadn't). Luckily I did have the Pelgrane campaign Eternal Lies and was able to adapt the Maltese episode at short notice. I already had necter and 'the mouths' from Eternal Lies worked into the plot so it wasn't difficult to...


The Perishing Perishing

Posted by Shimmin Beg in Blog Shimmin Beg, 16 September 2015 · 251 views

I am very slowly working my way through the myriad suggestions, criticisms, line edits and clarifications to The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps kindly suggested by my generous beta-readers. So far I have worked through four pages of critique, which may not sound like a lot but involved hours of work: although there weren't major structural changes, s...


Society Sheet For "Infinite Letters" De Profundis Game

Posted by BeachRubble in Do Not Prod The BeachRubble, 15 September 2015 · 252 views

A record of a tragic correspondence begins here: 


Sessions 2-5 LA and Mexico City

Posted by jeffpalmer in Jeff's Eternal Lies report, 03 September 2015 · 320 views

Sessions 2-5 (I’ll be brief, and try to post more frequently for those interested.) 
Session 2 and 3: Hollywood or Bust. January 9th, 1937 to January 16th, 1937. Approximately 18 hours of game time 
My players did a nice job of sussing out the clues scattered about LA. A confrontation with Buchwald and an interview with Clarendon on the stage of...


Operation In Loco Parentis

Posted by MonkeyPrime in Tell me about your Occult related Room?, 14 August 2015 · 83 views
CoC 7e, WWII

Dramatis Personae
Dr. Felix Vaber, French archaeologist
Lucas Finch, British mathematician
Patrick Richardson, British sportsman
Rev. Calvin Reed
Frank Moore, British Martial Artist
Philip Murphy, British former thief
Col. Roger Marsden, New Zealand Marine  After returning from adventures at sea the team were ready for a rest but alas duty calls. T...


Masks of Nyarlathotep....Part One. May 1915. Aftermath and 'Rewards'....

Posted by Oldfart in Oldfart's Blog, 13 August 2015 · 346 views


At the bottom of the lighthouse, rested the charred and dismembered remains of King George V, Tsar Nicholas II, and Kaiser Wilhelm II and some burnt remnants of headlines pertaining to future cataclysmic events, such as Verdun, The Somme, The Lusitania, Tannenburg and the Masurian Lakes, The Russian Revolution. Were the great powers plott...


All aboard!

Posted by ProfessorBradwell in Cooking with Cthulhu, 09 August 2015 · 298 views

All aboard! Our time in New York has come to an end and we shall be setting sail for London, England. Our expected arrival is four days if the weather holds out.
Expect some scruptous food ideas for you and your players soon. All the best


Double Shadow Does Zothique and other news

Posted by B9DV8 in Life in Naat, 08 August 2015 · 220 views

It has been awhile since I posted here but I am just stoked that the Double Shadow folks have finally gotten to the Zothique stories of Clark Ashton Smith!! The first story they are covering is the "Empire of the Necromancers". Check out the podcast here:
http://thedoubleshadow.com/  Read the original story here:


NYC Cthulhu #12: They Sleep By Twilight

Posted by viscounteric in Blog viscounteric, 20 June 2015 · 284 views
Jazz Age

November 22, 1923
"Mother said there'd be days like this," Jessica Carson thought to herself as she slowly leafed through her husband's files."No, as a matter of fact, she had no freaking clue."

Surely, not even a guilt filled Irish mother could imagine that in one quick year, her unmarried daughter would go from small town school teacher (with a checke...


Trail of Nyarlathotep - Masks of New York: Flashback - The Carlyle Expedition Farewell Party Keeper's Notes

Posted by groakes in Trail of Nyarlathotep: The Masks of New York, 05 June 2015 · 539 views

Trail of Nyarlathotep - Masks of New York: Flashback - The Carlyle Expedition Farewell Party Keeper's Notes Okay. I just looked and it has been a while since I updated this blog. Where has the time gone?

Anyway. As I have stated previously, as much as I like the overall concept of Masks, there are a few things that I decided to change. You have probably read the police investigation parts that I wrote back in 2013 (!). This was to give some substance to the on...


Family business - newspaper articles

Posted by Gurubob in Gurubob's Blog, 28 May 2015 · 477 views

Family business - newspaper articles The next day certain events are reported in the local newspapers. There were two weekly newspapers in Williamstown at the time - The Williamstown Advertiser and the Williamstown Chronicle that come out on Saturdays and are delivered to houses by newsboys or sold on corners. Articles include reports of vandalism on building sites near Railway Workshops, th...

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