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The Lurker in Tunnel 13 Part 1 - Lost in Pennsylvania

Posted by Max_Writer in Blog Max_Writer, 04 December 2017 · 349 views
CoC 7e, Jazz Age

Monday, November 20, 2017  
(After playing the Call of Cthulhu original scenario “The Lurker in Tunnel 13 on Sunday, November 12, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. with John Leppard, Jacob Marcus, Austin Davie, and Katelyn Hogan.)  
James Cloverfield had returned on numerous occasions to Columbia University to talk to Karl Sappington. Though Sappington...


YSDC Games Day 2017 audio

Posted by Shimmin Beg in Shimmin Bloeg, 19 November 2017 · 458 views

The annual Yog-Sothoth.com (YSDC) Games Day took place in October, and I was lucky enough to make it for the third time. As always, it was a great, relaxing weekend full of regrettably short conversations, delicious food, and of course, games! I managed to get a couple of recordings, and one partial recording, and am posting them on my main gaming b...


Intimate Encounters

Posted by Onemeantoaster in Onemeantoaster's Blog, 13 November 2017 · 334 views

Part IV
Intimate Encounters  Some weeks after the four experienced the strange dream Rafe Weston, FBI agent undercover as Private Security Christopher Rameriz received an email from his contact:  Field Agent Weston
Congratulations, you’ve been reactivated.  Don’t get too excited, I expect that fact we needed someone to do some detective...


Le Pacte (The Haunting adapted to modern day France) - Part 1

Posted by DeUniversumMysteriis in DeUniversumMysteriis' Blog, 29 October 2017 · 565 views
CoC 7e, New to Cthulhu, Modern

Le Pacte (The Haunting adapted to modern day France) - Part 1 A couple of friends wanted to try the game. They had never played any tabletop roleplaying game before so I decided to run The Haunting for them but with a few tweaks made to the story. I wanted to tailor the adventure to them. We're french and thus the classic period isn't something everyone is very familiar with here. So, I've decided to set the game...


The aberration known as man

Posted by Judgetrev in Judgetrev's Blog, 14 September 2017 · 583 views

I was contemplating man's place in the cosmic scheme of things today. I am not exactly sure how the realization that we are incredibly insignificant is a source of horror.  A nihilist must just be a jaded optomist. All this spooky cosmic horror just means that in the long run the pyramids of Egypt are as culturally significant as the box of my...


TERROR - adapted as a start to a GRU SV8 campaign

Posted by Madam30th in Blog Madam30th, 13 August 2017 · 859 views

[spoiler alert - do not read if you intend to be a player in TERROR] I always liked the TERROR scenario: the idea that players are being tested for their loyalty prior to being erased from the living and turned into special agents investigating the mythos that reaches into the very heart of the Soviet state has such pulpy overtones. but the scenario...


yock's Lovecraftathon: The Tomb

Posted by yockenthwaite in Blog yockenthwaite, 29 July 2017 · 830 views

Pushing ahead with one more story review before the end of this month it's nice to get to a longer piece again. I like short stories, but often they are just too short for me, too slight, or too thin an idea padded out. This one looks like a good length, though whether it uses that length well I'll find out shortly as I read. 
Again first person narr...


The Madness is Illusory

Posted by MiskatonicProf in The Zen of the Strange, 25 July 2017 · 531 views

"But it would be dangerous to search too earnestly for the allegorical in Titus Groan . It remains essentially a work of the closed imagination, in which a world parallel to our own is presented in almost paranoiac denseness of detail. But the madness is illusory, and control never falters. It is, if you like, a rich wine of fancy chilled by the intell...


Mythic CoC 02 - It's moving!

Posted by JohnDi in Random Call of Cthulhu, 28 June 2017 · 813 views

http://www.nchistori...ldkyhometom.jpg At the boarding house, the door was opened by a stolid looking Portuguese woman, a miss Ferreira. While seemingly not thrilled to have a visitor, I noticed her looking more than once at the cat on my shoulder with a soft expression, obviously another feline lover. After our exchange she went to fetch...


Off table chat

Posted by Butters in Blog Butters, 26 June 2017 · 985 views

My weekly online game was cancelled again due to real life issues but a couple of us still got together for a chat and it was pretty interesting seeing the differences in play style and how to run a game.
What came out if the fairly long chat was I was basically the only one who still preferred Sixth edition whilst the others much preferred the newer Seve...


NYC #13 Blackest Hills, Blackist Night

Posted by viscounteric in Blog viscounteric, 11 June 2017 · 3,546 views

New York, December 11, 1923 New York City proved to be the tonic to the ails of the weary. Dr. Nathaniel Millheim had been six months removed from his last mind altering Mythos episode and was at the top of his game as a pulp writer. Steven O'Hara was now a professor of physics at Columbia University, getting research offers, and giving his dilettant...


CoC 6ed QuickStart in Japanese

Posted by Mimumu in Japanese CoC players Blog, 14 May 2017 · 4,496 views

CoC 6ed QuickStart in Japanese You can download this URL
Chaosium Inc.® 2017/5/17 I fixed a part of the translation.


Apparently, my paperbacks are available in libraries.

Posted by tammywilding in tammywilding's Blog, 12 April 2017 · 854 views

I am also disbelieving and not a little astonished.
Any way, at some point I ought to do some more writing, or try harder to get an actual job, or indeed, find a new hobby!
At some point I shall ask a friend of mine to verify the truth or otherwise of this development. My local library and I parted company due to mutual disinterest, some years ago.


Azathoth: Cold and Gold

Posted by echofalls in Blog echofalls, 09 March 2017 · 917 views

"it is said, that, beneath all the chaos, there is an underlying pattern of perfect order."  Once, there was no change, no entropy. Only the pattern and everything that belonged, designed and created to suit its purpose.
Today, the pattern remains, but only in tatters, warped in new ways. From the echoes of the pattern came change and thought; driv...


Death in the Post, second session

Posted by Taavi in Gold's Books and Antiquities, 24 February 2017 · 1,032 views
Jazz Age

Mr Tom Driberg, society reporter and scandal hound, currently working for the Daily Clarion , has revealed himself as the original recipient of the puzzling pseudo-Egyptian scroll which he passed to Mr Edmundson, knowing Edmundson's interest in antique manuscripts. Owen Davies also recognises Mr Driberg as a frequenter of a number of nightspots for young...


A new group, a new campaign

Posted by coomber in coomber's Blog, 20 January 2017 · 1,454 views

Having not had a chance to play CoC for years, I finally got around to getting another group and getting started. 
The characters: Grant , a handsome jock with little going on between the ears whose sporting prowess managed to get him a scholarship and an education. 
Neilson , a big, fat, ugly doctor. 
Ullerton , a clumsy, gangly, but brill...


M. R. Jame's Rules for an effective ghost story

Posted by Graham in Graham's Blog, 17 January 2017 · 1,312 views

Post the second... 
British ghost story writer M. R. James was one of the authors singled out for mention in Lovecraft's essay 'Supernatural Horror in Literature' as being one of the modern masters of horror literature. James's own opinion of Lovecraft's writing may be found in his essay 'Ghost's Treat Them Gently!', where he refers to the type of fi...


2016 gaming log for RPGs

Posted by ash in ash's Blog, 15 December 2016 · 1,000 views

2016 has been a bad year overall but a very good one for gaming and enjoying hobby stuff. Thanks for everyone who took part and participated.
Recently took part in The RPG Brigade's third annual convention for Childsplay charity.
Managed to raise close to 2000 US dollars this year on donations and t shirt sales.  We played Mutant Future: The Bik...


Film List 1 - Thoughts on describing a film as "Lovecraftian"....

Posted by yronimoswhateley in The Apocalyptic Log of Yronimos W., 22 November 2016 · 1,309 views

Background : It seemed like an easy project at first: I would try putting together a list of "Lovecraftian" films for the YSDC Wiki. What could possibly go wrong? After all, on one hand, there seemed to be only so many films out there that were definitely based on Lovecraft stories, and it seemed that most of us who were familiar with Lovecraft and w...


Operation Piercing the Darkness

Posted by MonkeyPrime in Tell me about your Occult related Room?, 10 November 2016 · 1,253 views
CoC 7e

Dramatis Personae:
Lucas Finch, British mathematician
Patrick Richardson, British sportsman
Rev. Calvin Reed
Frank Moore, British Martial Artist
Philip Murphy, British former thief
Col. Roger Marsden, New Zealand Marine Setting 1941 SOE call in the investigators for a rather more mundane mission that what they're used to. Crothers wants them to...

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