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Shimmin Bloeg


Writing progress for March

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, scenario 01 April 2017 · 933 views

So thanks to a combination of a sanity-restoring cruise (well, holiday), the onset of spring sunshine, the tireless efforts of supportive friends, and potent mind-affecting substances, I've found myself once more reasonably on form and able to resume something approaching my usual productivity. Not being asleep most of the time helps a lot, I find. ...


British pulp adventure and travelogues

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design 10 February 2017 · 609 views

So the scenario currently known as Lincolnshire II is still sat on my hard drive, waiting for the right conflux of me being in the mood, my group being available, time, energy, and possibly some feedback from beta readers, before I subject them to it. 
Technically I am working on Lincolnshire III, but my writing tends to have to go where my mind wand...


On Spells and their Multitudes

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design 28 January 2017 · 633 views

The Call of Cthulhu rulebook - which is to say, the 6th edition, because that's the copy I own* - has a lot of spells in it. A lot of really quite specific spells. Things like Attract Fish , and Bring Pestilence, and Detransference, and Become Spectal Hunter , and Enchant Inflatable Dinghy (okay, I made that one up).  *Nothing against 7th edit...


The playing of Sir Ashby Phipps

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, Keeping, scenario 09 May 2016 · 659 views

So this weekend I finally managed to run the long-awaited playtest of The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps . 
(This post is spoiler-free.) 
Amongst other benefits, this means I no longer have to try and keep the details of the scenario to myself; I can actually discuss it with the close friends with whom I typically talk about all things gamey....


Some writing updates

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, scenario 25 February 2016 · 514 views

After nearly two years of sporadic work, I feel like I've finally put The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps as close to finished as it's going to get pending major sensible editorial suggestions. Hoorah, I suppose? 
I'm now waiting for the chance to run a playtest with my group, which looks like it will be sometime in May, as I'll be abroad for a while...


Fun-sizing the Great Old Ones: Ghatanothoah

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design, Keeping 19 February 2016 · 859 views

Part four of a continuing, erratic series on using Great Old Ones. Ghatanothoah is one of the “lurking menace” gods, which I roughly file with Eihort. It is mostly notable for being so ugly that anyone beholding it will be turned to stone, yet their brain will live on forever into hideous insanity. Unlike Eihort, it's extremely passive and there's...


On naming scenarios

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design 09 February 2016 · 1,139 views

This is based (as in, there is some copy-pasting) on a forum post I made ages ago, but I've been thinking about it again recently due to, well, trying to write a bunch of scenarios: What's a good name for a Call of Cthulhu scenario? Scenario titles need to fulfil several different functions, and these pull in slightly different direction. Ident...


Scenario Overload

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design, scenario 25 January 2016 · 631 views

I seem to be a bit overwhelmed with ideas at the moment. It's a bit of a regular problem to be honest. Having moved home recently, I'm separated from my old gaming groups. I'm still playing in two online campaigns, one D&D and one World of Darkness (and both really fun). However, it does mean I'm left without a creative outlet. I'm not sure I cou...


A Librarian Researches: Still Writing Perishing

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, scenario 22 January 2016 · 603 views

I'm working through my suggested corrections, amendments and edits from two kind beta-readers on The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps . Having got the scenario itself more or less nailed down (I hope) it's time to provide what the Keeper needs: information. The scenario takes place in and around Lincoln in the mid-19th century, and that's not going to be a...


Research plans for Lincoln

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design 21 December 2015 · 576 views

So my beloved Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps is undergoing its second beta-reading (gamma-reading?). At this point I'm hoping that major revisions are over, and that the main things I'll need to do are adjust the order of material (to make it as usable as possible for people who aren't me) and fill in any unspoken assumptions. 
There are some sectio...


The Perishing Perishing

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, scenario 16 September 2015 · 872 views

I am very slowly working my way through the myriad suggestions, criticisms, line edits and clarifications to The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps kindly suggested by my generous beta-readers. So far I have worked through four pages of critique, which may not sound like a lot but involved hours of work: although there weren't major structural changes, s...


Fun-sizing the Great Old Ones: Yog-Sothoth

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design, Keeping 27 June 2015 · 990 views

Part three of a continuing, erratic series on using Great Old Ones. Yoggie is one of the woobly Great Old Ones, which I mentally lump in with Azathoth, Daoloth and so on. They share a few traits:
They’re some variety of huge, nebulous mass
They’re not tied to a physical location
They can in some sense be summoned, although it seems like this is a di...


Fun-sizing the Great Old Ones: Cthulhu

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design, Keeping 27 May 2015 · 997 views

In a previous post (also discussed in my other blog , because I'm disorganised, I suppose?) I talked about what makes a Great Old One difficult or easy to use in a scenario. I'm continuing today with the Big Green himself.

Cthulhu presents a few problems. I’ll talk about his home later. In terms of Cthulhu himself, his physical form is one of the iss...


Fun-sizing the Great Old Ones: Azathoth

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design, Keeping 18 May 2015 · 1,038 views

Challenge accepted.

For clarity, I’m not claiming to have a One True Canonical version of anything here. I specifically think these are difficult entities to use, and am trying to draw out a more user-friendly interpretation.

I think there are three main things that make a GOO easier to use:
cues I can throw in that evoke the feel of that GOO during th...


First draft of Perishing complete

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Call of Cthulhu, design, scenario 28 January 2015 · 528 views

After months of sporadic work, I've finally done something surprising - actually finished one of my scenarios! My few previous games have either been prewritten or skeletal things that I improvised around on the fly. This time, I have a fat, juicy 30-page scenario with what I fervently hope is a complete and coherent plot.

The thing I probably found ha...


I accidentally wrote a horror game

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in mechanics, design 03 December 2014 · 566 views

I'm posting this just in case anyone's interested.

During a series of discussions on between my other blog and a couple of friends, I ended up writing a lot of blog comments about mechanics in horror games, with a lot of focus on maintaining tension, darkness and light. After a while I realised that between all these ideas I had quite a large chunk of a...


Scenario Skeleton: "Bringing Home The Bacon"

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in scenario, design, Call of Cthulhu 27 March 2014 · 813 views

This is a partially-written scenario that I roughed up over lunch while listening to the MUP. I can't remember what prompted it, to be honest, though it could indeed tie in to Episode 51. It's not a complete scenario, but an outline of core conceit, several suggested sinister truths as solutions to the mystery, and some surrounding detail that you might f...


Tomefoolery, part five

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in tomes, design, Keeping 07 April 2013 · 424 views

Part five of this series is now up on my other blog, and discusses some physical and supernatural abilities that powerful tomes might have. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Los Diablos: improvised gaming

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, Keeping, scenario 13 October 2011 · 440 views

(Does contain spoilers, but they're carefully locked away; players may read on)

Officially, I'm working on the Snowbound scenario as my major Cthulhu (and indeed roleplaying) activity. Some people are very kindly providing advice on that. However, it's still going to be a fair while before it's finished. Also, due to busyness at work and general shortage...


Setting the scene: at home

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, Keeping 18 September 2011 · 314 views

As usual, to avoid spoilers, details of the actual scenario are vague and any examples given are probably made up.

Another interesting feature of the Snowbound scenario has just swum into focus. This is the fact that the scenario unfolds somewhere extremely familiar to the investigators: the school they attend.

There must be existing scenarios where th...