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Shimmin Bloeg


Bradford Literature Festival 2017

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in literary 26 August 2017 · 433 views
A couple of months back, I discovered the existence of Bradford Literature Festival. I also found out that an old friend was participating in the brand-new (and therefore apparently completely unadvertised) Comic Con attached to the festival, so of course I went along. It's not far from my own Yorkshire home. 
I've written up the first part of my t...


Winter Writings

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in scenario, literary 19 November 2016 · 499 views

So it's been a hell of a year in various ways, but I have made some progress with various bits and pieces. 
I'm pleased to have turned out a reasonably functional version of my second major scenario (a second Gaslight Lincolnshire piece) and am waiting to hear back - I've had some nice initial feedback that I need to act on. 
I've also managed t...


"Polaris" and "He": thoughts on handling difficult protagonists

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in literary 18 August 2016 · 447 views

I've been re-listening to the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast archives recently, because it's awesome and I currently need a lot of undemanding familiar distraction. 
It's actually an excellent fit for this mood, because it has the advantages of literature (some very skillful prose); talkshows (entertaining banter which doesn't mind if you can't catch...