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Shimmin Bloeg


Additional Ogham

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 23 March 2018 · 162 views

Quite a long time ago now, I made a Cthulhu statuette for Paul . Early last year, I felt crafty again, and put together another one, and I've just put a description of the process, and the package of plot I assembled for it, on my main blog . It's dated February 2017 as that's when I started drafting the post, but I did in fact just finish it... 


YSDC Games Day 2017 audio

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in Uncategorized, actual play 19 November 2017 · 806 views

The annual Yog-Sothoth.com (YSDC) Games Day took place in October, and I was lucky enough to make it for the third time. As always, it was a great, relaxing weekend full of regrettably short conversations, delicious food, and of course, games! I managed to get a couple of recordings, and one partial recording, and am posting them on my main gaming b...


Vague rambling updates for October

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 14 October 2017 · 423 views

I once again haven't been around much on YSDC. To an extent that's because I haven't done very much Cthulhu gaming recently (lots of Pathfinder), and I also haven't had much free time for my usual meandering blogposts on theory and stuff. I do want to come back to Fun-Sizing in the future though, it's been good. 
I've also been ill repeatedly, whic...


Spring creeps reluctantly in

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 13 March 2017 · 559 views

Spring would finally seem to be beginning hereabouts, and I've been doing very little gaming recently. 
One reason is that I was struck down by a mystery illness and spent a week in bed, too tired to do basically anything. The other, more cheerful reason is that I went on holiday for a fortnight. I paid a return visit to both central China and sout...


December musings and self-pity

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 18 December 2016 · 925 views

It's a while now since I made did very much Cthulhu-related, the Derelict post being the exception. I've had low-level health problems for the last few months which have just cut my available energy, and also made it hard to focus. Since work demands quite a lot of that focus, there's not a lot left for hobbies. The following self-indulgent, self-p...


Keeping the ball rolling

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 07 June 2016 · 685 views

So things have descended into a certain amount of inactivity on this blog, basically because my attention is elsewhere. I still plan to write up my experiences running The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps more thoroughly, but have been sidetracked. 
My main reason is that I've moved almost seamlessly into writing another scenario, also set in Gaslight...


No Games Day for me

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 19 July 2015 · 636 views

Very reluctantly, I'm having to skip YSDC Games Day yet again. I was really hoping to take part this year, and finally meet a few of the fine folks I've run across here. I mentally put aside the time when it was first announced and planned very much to go. It sounds brilliant. 
Unfortunately, that plan was predicated on my having secured a new job...


Ogham Cthulhu

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 28 June 2015 · 634 views

Some mere handful of you may be aware of the Cthulhu Breakfast Club . A smaller number might remember an odd little artefact that recently appeared on the show. 
I did send it anonymously, but will now raise my head above the parapet to say that I've published a blogpost outlining the conception, creation and meaning of the Ogham stone package. I p...


Thoughts on "Black Wings"

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in review, Uncategorized 22 March 2015 · 1,141 views

Recently, I finally reached the end of the hefty Black Wings , “Twenty-One Tales of Lovecraftian Horror” edited by S.T. Joshi. I picked it up a while ago in a burst of enthusiasm after it was discussed on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, but hadn’t got round to finishing it. Last year was dedicated to a focused reading project, in an attempt to cut down...


Libraries are terrible at roleplaying games, you can help

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 30 January 2015 · 864 views

So recently I've been merrily cataloguing my vast collection of PDFs on LibraryThing, adding them to my existing list of printed books. One of the thing I noticed, particularly with the PDFs but also with the books, is that as soon as you start on roleplaying materials, you're pretty much on your own.

LibraryThing lets you tap hundreds of existing catal...


Thoughts on VATMOSS

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 05 December 2014 · 744 views

You know how sometimes you realise you are a devious little sod? I blame too much roleplaying.

I have read in several places, though without links to HMRC, that a digital backup offered alongside a physical product is exempt. Strictly speaking:
Nobody is ever, ever going to check whether Monterey Jack is actually posting hard copies of his scenario Hor...


A seasonal shock

Posted by Shimmin Beg , 31 December 2013 · 663 views

It is always a shock to return to the old fishing town where one's dark furtive ancestors dwelt to keep festival as they had commanded, only to find som fule hav erected a giant, conical shoggoth amidst the temples of commerce.


This picture really does...