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Intimate Encounters

Posted by Onemeantoaster , 13 November 2017 · 583 views

Part IV
Intimate Encounters  Some weeks after the four experienced the strange dream Rafe Weston, FBI agent undercover as Private Security Christopher Rameriz received an email from his contact:  Field Agent Weston
Congratulations, you’ve been reactivated.  Don’t get too excited, I expect that fact we needed someone to do some detective...


In Media Res

Posted by Onemeantoaster , 25 October 2017 · 493 views

No one knows what causes the artistic types of L.A. to dream so vividly in the last days of August. They just do.
A painter might consider it a mark of honor to wake one morning with the inspiration to paint a great work. A singer would sit bolt upright, drenched in sweat, and immediately set to work on a brilliant, if somewhat dark, Ballard. Lik...


Episode 2 of The Space Between

Posted by Onemeantoaster , 30 July 2017 · 494 views

Part 2 Form and Void As the group stood around the SUV an unusual car pulled into the lot. The vehicle had clearly been a Herse once but some stylish modifications had given it a second life. Maria recognized it. The car pulled up and out stepped Esther Smith, Maria’s personal hairstylist. Maria had not turned up for work since filming had h...


Episode 1 of The Space Between

Posted by Onemeantoaster , 30 June 2017 · 8,826 views

The Space Between

Part I – Hollyweird
Future historians may look back on the morning of April the 8th as a defining moment. It was the moment a small group of professionals discovered a plot to destroy humanity but were able to fight back and triumph. Or perhaps it was the moment our doom was ultimately sealed. Perhaps there will be no future...

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