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Cults Across America

Posted by Judgetrev , 14 March 2016 · 1,069 views

Cults Across America I am still working my way through the Miskatonic University source book, hoping to assimilate the contents before I present it to the kids. I decided to dust off the old "Cults Across America" by Atlas games for this sunday's recreation. This is the first time I have played this game with 5 players, and it was a lot of fun. I would recommend this g...


Gods of Miskatonic

Posted by Judgetrev , 07 March 2016 · 612 views
Gods of Miskatonic is a book by Zachary Hill. I finished reading it this morning. It is chock full of elder gods and teen angst!  
I am not an author, so I don't really feel equipped to review a book. It had some typos, but thanks to context clues, I breezed through it no prob. I don't think Lovecraft would have written this book. Should you rea...


Miskatonic Freshmen

Posted by Judgetrev , 02 March 2016 · 587 views

I have decided the direction I want this campaign to go, and so I have a lot of reading to do!   We started off as Miskatonic students, and played through the Edge Of Darkness from the rulebook.  A couple of months ago I played a game on Roll20 where the keeper ran "a little Knowledge" from the Miskatonic sourcebook.
I had a lot of fun pla...


Edge of darkness 2.0

Posted by Judgetrev , 22 February 2016 · 552 views

Edge of darkness, Take Two. 
A new player showed up, and an old one couldn't make it this weekend. The last game went way off the rails due to my amateur meddling with the plot as laid out in my Call of Cthulhu 5.6 ed rule book. This time there was no deviation, and we all found out why this gem of an adventure is included in the rules! 
All thr...


What Did I Learn Today?

Posted by Judgetrev , 18 January 2016 · 909 views

After finishing the game session yesterday, I had a feeling that I did a poor job.
It wasn't until after I wrote up the synopsis that I realized things went just fine! My main problem was that I had spent time making some great props. I rewrote the newspaper article from Edge of Darkness, and made up another
one of my own that I typed up as well...


1St Session Edge Of Darkness

Posted by Judgetrev , 18 January 2016 · 574 views

1St Session Edge Of Darkness This is my third time running a game of Call of Cthulhu.
It was the first scenario that I actually put a lot of work into getting ready for. Two of the three players had never played COC. (We normally play a modified version of 1st ed AD&D) The characters where all students of Miskatonic in 1928.
One was a 5th year medical student, who, due...

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