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Shadows of Yog Sothoth

Posted by Judgetrev , 23 January 2018 · 231 views

I have been running three players through this classic campaign for a good number of months now. We have been pretty good at getting together Monday nights online and playing for a couple hours. TWO HOUR GAME LIMIT....
This actually works out so well for me as a keeper. The prep I have to do is so minimal. They can only get so far off track in two...


The aberration known as man

Posted by Judgetrev , 14 September 2017 · 766 views

I was contemplating man's place in the cosmic scheme of things today. I am not exactly sure how the realization that we are incredibly insignificant is a source of horror.  A nihilist must just be a jaded optomist. All this spooky cosmic horror just means that in the long run the pyramids of Egypt are as culturally significant as the box of my...


Shadows of YogSothoth chapter one COMPLETE

Posted by Judgetrev , 20 July 2017 · 486 views

After about 9 hours of play chapter on of the Shadows campaign is finished. No one died, but two of the three investigators are in the single digits of luck. Luck spending took all the punch out of the climactic villain. I am considering disallowing luck roles for combat. Then again, if not for the luck these characters would not survive to see chapte...


Shadows of Yog Sothoth

Posted by Judgetrev , 22 May 2017 · 593 views

I have started running shadows of Yog Sothoth. In the first episode I wanted the characters to get to feel at home in the society... So after the ritual of joining to become neophytes they spent a great evening drinking illegal booze. 
I described John Scott, and went into detail about how he was shaking their hand while meeting them. Each characte...


Crimson Letters TRADGEDY!

Posted by Judgetrev , 25 April 2017 · 622 views

I have been playing the Crimson Letters scenario over skype with some friends. We play for a couple of hours every monday night.
Tonight I used a brand new USB microphone. The good news... I sound better than ever! The bad news? I didn't notice that the usb mic changed the audio input on the recording software. It recorded only my voice. nothing from...


The Crimson Letters

Posted by Judgetrev , 14 March 2017 · 583 views

Playing in person has gotten to be something of a pipe dream for me. I have now managed to run a game on three consecutive Mondays in a row over Skype with some old high school friends.  
While the two previous games went well, they did not satisfy like a normal game around the table. 
Tonight was different. It was better. I am not sure if I...


Horror From the Shed

Posted by Judgetrev , 07 March 2017 · 515 views

Finished running "The Horror From the Shed" from the Blasphemous Tome by the Good Friends of Jackson Elias. We played over Skype. I dropped in elements from The Crimson Letters" from the 7th ed keepers book, pretty much using "Horror From the Shed" as an intro to that adventure.  
Charles Leitner contacted a couple Miskatonic students to help him...


Robinson Gruesome

Posted by Judgetrev , 03 February 2017 · 567 views

I ran my first game over Skype this evening. It went pretty well, i think. I played with a random stranger i met on YSDC. I certainly felt a bit nervous or self conscious. It is something I have been wanting to do for some time now, and I finally frikkin did it! So I am happy now. Whew. We played a selection from monophobia ( which I learned about...



Posted by Judgetrev , 24 October 2016 · 733 views

I ran the Haunting Saturday night for my brother and my old friend Carl. It was Carl's first game of CoC. Almost cancelled the game because our other friend couldn't make it, but decided to just go with two players anyway. 
They played a couple of Miskatonic University students back in Boston for spring break 1922!! Mort, and Patrick. Mort decide...


Student investigators

Posted by Judgetrev , 27 June 2016 · 661 views

The Time to Harvest campaign dovetailed nicely with my desire to use the M.U. sourcebook rules for generating student investigators. 
A Time to Harvest is centered on the Miskatonic University.  
Making a student with the MU rules is basically the same as normal, but with lowered skill points. 
Players select classes and extra curricular a...

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