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Scenario 1 - London - January 3rd 1923

Posted by Caligulaa , 01 October 2015 · 985 views

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So we needed to set up the story straight and together with the players I agreed that one of the investigators, Lord Fyrom Squibb, a member of English aristocracy, had previously been a student of Prof. Smith. We needed a profound "hook" to motivate the voyage from the USA where the players had been fighting through the 4 start up scenarios from the 6th ed rule book. Before parting with the American shores they once more visited Dr. Henry Armitage to try and identify some of the stuff they had captured during their investigations. Using his laboratory at the Miscatonic University they still could not find out the origins of the silvery talc substance.


Anyways, the 4 investigators, now turned friends, sailed across the vast ocean to heed the old mentor and friend of Lord Fyrom Squibb. "Professor Smith is held in high regard at the English academia and his expertise in hauntings and parapsychology is second to none. There will be a lecture of his coming up in London and in retrospect of our horrid experiences lately I push for us to go." The rest of the gang of 4 answered silently but the glances meeting around the dinner table said more than words. Of course they would go.


London was certainly chill this winter in 1923 and thin layers of snow could even be seen under the raw mist from the moist of river Thames. The group of investigators and friends were:


Lord Fyrom Squibb - of English aristocracy, holding a larger mansion in England, yet issues regarding liquidity. Snobbish dilettante.


Colonel Williams - American war veteran from the Great War. Powerful almost scary. Physical and hard.


Frank Patterson - English Detective from Scotland Yard. Intuitive and thorough in his efforts to find the culprit. The silent type.


Hermann Müller - German author from Munich, researching and writing about the occult. Very wealthy and holds a large private library in his home in Munich. Staunt member of the NSDAP - The National Socialist German Workers Party.


After a day of rest and promenades they gear up for the dinner party and lecture at the Imperial Institute at Kensington, London. Dinner chit chat is interrupted by an impressive lecture from Professor Smith. Applause. He is in a jolly good mood and after the lecture greets the investigators with jovial outbursts and strong tobacco puffs. The friends cheer and laughs and congratulate him. Well done. Frank Patterson however never shuts down his alert system (Spot Hidden 99 %). His eyes carefully scanning the environment. Is somebody looking? Listening in? Someone who should not be there? There. A man with dark reflections and a heavy black mustache. Obviously a foreigner and staring right at the group. Patterson carefully asks Smith if he recognizes the man, but as the group turns to look the man notices their reaction. He carefully smiles and hastes away from the mingling crowd.


Disapproving of this hasty exit Patterson and Colonel Williams rush after him. Surely they can ask the man why he is in such a hurry? Here we are all friends. Herman Müller and Lord Fyrom Squibb follow Prof.Smith to The Oriental Club for drinks. The Professor in a talkative mood fueled by gin and Balkan tobacco.


"Where did he go?" Williams lost sight for a second or two. "Over there, he's entering a London cab". The two investigators were not late to follow and a chase on the icy wet London streets commenced. As the chase came into the Northern outskirts of London they suddenly find the other cab standing almost still. Footprints in the snow. "The Crescent Treasury" an antiques shop. They jump off their cab and walks toward it. Closed, dark. No one to be seen inside. But the footprints were clear in the thin vail of snow on the ground and the door handle had been pushed down just recently.


"He is there, we need to get in". Colonel Williams would not go back now. "Lets kick in the door".


Patterson nodded.


To be continued....

The players will add more detailed info about each and every investigator including stats and background. They are pretty experienced now after 4 successful adventures (the ones in the 6th ed rule book) and have some spells, Cthulhu Mythos, and mythos equipment. The players will also register under investigators' names and write some posts out of the actual investigator's perspective.


Back soon take care all of you Cthulhians out there!



Thanks for posting. An interesting read.

Spot Hidden 99%? As a general rule I must admit I don't let characters start with any skill above 80%.
They have played 4 scenarios and added experience. I think Frank Patterson started out with Spot Hidden 89 which the rules also suggest you do with a couple of skills to have the +2d6 sanity in range as you go above 90. Then at his experience roll he got 10.

I must have missed that, could you tell me what page that suggestion is on?

Sounds to me like you need to read the rules, buddy.

I asked a fair question.


Cut the snark, please. Thank you.

And read the rules is a fair answer. Moving on... We play CoC every other Tuesday since we play D&D every other Tuesday also. Playing every other week gives the players better possibility to fully participate in the campaigns. Except for me and my cousin (Anor at the Wizards boards) who play in both groups. I am the DM and Keeper and we play at my house so I need to be available. The next CoC session will be in 2 weeks time, Tuesday the 13/10. But we still have some posts from the first session to add and I will be right at it.
BTW, if any of you are interested here is our currently ongoing campaign in D&D: http://community.wiz...omment-52467631 Later tonight CET (Central European Time) I will post more in the blog from our first session. To be continued...

And read the rules is a fair answer.

I did. I can't see that advice anywhere in either sixth or seventh edition rules. Which is why I asked, where you found it.

So just saying "read the rules" is not actually a fair answer.

Not sure what the problem is here, perhaps you need a dictionary?

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