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One-sided Character Sheet Design, also Session Report for "The Ballad of Bass Rock"

Posted by Galbraith , 25 November 2015 · 918 views

CoC 1-6e Jazz Age New to Cthulhu

In the course of developing a sourcebook for CoC in Ancient Mesopotamia, I procrastinated on writing actually useful content by making a character sheet with the skills and characteristics used by the adaptation. Feedback is welcomed! I am thinking of adapting this design to standard Jazz Age Cthulhu as an alternative sheet, because having all of the crucial things on one side is useful, I think. The back is always open for more freeform information, as well as items that don't always come up in play.


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On an aside, I think that one of the things that I have learned while working on this text is how many questions I will need to answer. Currently, I am working on a scenario set in the time period to think through everything the sourcebook would need to consider - every time I have to ask a question about the location, or have to look something up about society or practices from that time period, it helps me flesh out what I need to include.


Session Report


As this is the week of Thanksgiving, we weren't going to have our normal Friday meeting. However, earlier today, some of my players contacted me to see if I would run a one-shot - being a glutton for punishment, I agreed and bit the bullet. I purchased The Ballad of Bass Rock (and given the quality, I will definitely work on getting more of Cubicle 7's Cthulhu Britannica line) and ran it for them.


Spoilers, of course, to follow.



And that's where I ended it. It turns out that while it was a bit more brutal than they expected, and perhaps than I intended, they all enjoyed it, and found it very atmospheric and evocative. I really like this sort of one-shot, where the players are both geographically and temporally constrained, and I felt that it made for a short-sweet scenario.