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Byakhee Poem. Just for fun.

Posted by tammywilding , 20 December 2015 · 431 views

I looked out through my window pane.
And, there it was, the same, again.
A flying beast, a distant swooping.
It scared my heart, near enough to pooping!
Closer still, and closer more.
It flapped it's spiney wings of yore.
The tome upon my desk lay open,
The source of woe, of which I was certain.
A way to banish, I was hoping.
Too late, too late, the windo...


Number four is out there - poor thing!

Posted by tammywilding , 12 December 2015 · 632 views

Number four is out there - poor thing! Well, I gave up at 73,000 ish words, or it gave me up, one or the other!
It'll appear on Amazon at some point!
Probably going to be a part five, why? I hear you ask.


Paperback Editions.

Posted by tammywilding , 21 October 2015 · 681 views

Well, it looks like my first three novellas are going to be available as paperbacks! Bit pricey though, $7 each. Actually this may not be that pricey, I know I've spent a lot more on a book in the past.
However, for unproven Novellas may be a bit much, they'll still be around as Ebooks $2.99 or £1.99 for the foreseeable future though...............


Fourth Book - first page(s) so far. I need to think of a title too.

Posted by tammywilding , 13 October 2015 · 500 views

Chapter One – The Man With a Plan or a Priestly Predicament. Berythus Naechos closed the door to the Temple of Libraria behind him. It was a stout door, hard dark wood inlaid with great metal bands, lacquered with paint, and many, many, layers of grime.
It was not the main door, they lay on the other side of the building, and opened onto Quill Street...


Well, I've let it fly! It is free now......

Posted by tammywilding , 27 June 2015 · 966 views

Well, I've let it fly! It is free now...... I was going to struggle on a bit longer with it, but it finished at 53,944
So I have let it go!
There should be no heinous errors in this one, as I have worked to a tighter standard than A King In Graeffenland, (some corrections for which, I'll upload in July).
But I've been entirely on my own with this one!
My proof reader doesn't do Horror, and I've gon...


Another page, a little later on, please say what you think.

Posted by tammywilding , 20 June 2015 · 665 views

Difficult times had become profitable times for a few. The Captain only wore cheap, old clothes, though. He did not advertise his wealth.
“Welcome aboard!” He had said, in a bluff friendly voice.
“This Myrna.” Ralph nudged Nirnadel, who smiled and held out her hand. A moment passed, and Ralph knocked it down, scowling.
“She is a little touched in the head...


Another excerpt - comments nice or meanie, all quite welcome.

Posted by tammywilding , 11 June 2015 · 558 views

He had never really explained what had happened to magick, he just said, things were different once.
The Palace itself was big, it was grand, it was, she understood opulent. She only had her father’s word to go on, as well, zombies didn’t have opinions, unless they were told to have them.
She saw few human visitors. Her father had his apprentices. Apparen...


Introductory Chapter (part of) New Book, Princess of Bones, work in progress!

Posted by tammywilding , 10 June 2015 · 630 views

Chapter 1 – Morning in the Ivory Palace.

The bell rang. It rang gently but insistently, as it always did. Nirnadel awoke. Sunshine shone in from the eastern window of her chamber, streaking the floor and the bedclothes, with a lovely golden colour. Oh, another day! She stared up at the pale silken canopy over her bed. She stretched her slim, agile body,...