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Anyone can Self Publish! If they want to! Video may require SAN roll.

Posted by tammywilding , 24 September 2016 · 297 views

My Proof copy of Hand & Eye arrived in the post today, whheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 


Number Six sort of finished........ Hand & Eye joins my expressions of madness......

Posted by tammywilding , 10 September 2016 · 324 views

Number Six sort of finished........ Hand & Eye joins my expressions of madness...... It came to a sort of conclusion at seventy thousand words. Unfortunately, it needs sequel to sort out a number of plots, and potential storylines raised, almost incidentally, through out the book.
And, if the 'Good Guys' if they can be called that, are actually going to win. I knocked out, in four hours a Cover which is either inspired or terrible, i...


Up date on my writing activities, such as they are............

Posted by tammywilding , 24 August 2016 · 404 views

Up date on my writing activities, such as they are............ Novel number Six is progressing nicely, now at 52,352 words, and at Chapter 23.
My first book in it's re edited greatly extended 5th edition is now available all over the Ebook universe via https://books2read.com/u/m0zMWM for $0.99 !
Maybe it's worth it? Who cares, I'm having fun.
Also still available through Amazon in print, with it's nice shiny cover....


The Secret of Self Publishing Revealed! For all those with the yen to pen!

Posted by tammywilding , 07 July 2016 · 402 views

I reveal the darkest, deepest, most blindingly obvious Self Publishing Secret, in this in depth, well researched, (think WMD Iraq depth), ten minute video! You too, can have The Secret! 


Reading from my first book.

Posted by tammywilding , 19 June 2016 · 307 views

Well, my extensively edited and rewritten first book, with new simple title, is being read, by me, possibly quite badly, but for free, on YouTube! 
The link below takes you to the Playlist, which will grow as I add new readings to it. 


The Problem of Science and Religion.

Posted by tammywilding , 17 February 2016 · 519 views

The Problem of Science and Religion.  Observers often base their opinion of Religion on the content of existing religious texts. Religious books, are not written in what most people today would accept as a scientific manner. Nor indeed are they written in an academic style. Most religious books, recount stories/histories which rely upon an accep...


Cthulhu's Morning

Posted by tammywilding , 02 February 2016 · 404 views

Cthulhu's Morning Cthulhu rolled upon his bed, a stony plinth set for his head.
He turned his many eyes to gaze, for his Astro Clock of days.
The time was near, he stretched and peered.
But was It Right?
Of that, unclear, he wiped away the grime of Ages,
And went to sit up, slowly, by stages.
As elderly Great Ones are wont to do,
He thought Great Aza...


The Office (Sort of psychological horror? Maybe?)

Posted by tammywilding , 03 January 2016 · 475 views

The Office
At my desk I sit, and shuffle,
Invoices, demands, and stern rebuttals.
My PC Screen, at regulation height,
my office chair set 'just right'.
My hopes my dreams, all taking flight.
It's overtime, again tonight.
Oh what dread Ghoul, this system grim,
Didst thinkst was good, what's in it for him?
The Watercooler gloops, in sympathy,
My wagecheck,...


Disturbing Poetry to get 2016 started.

Posted by tammywilding , 02 January 2016 · 468 views

Brain Maggots
I awoke this morning to the buzz of a fly.
It whirred, it whizzed, it flew on by.
And where, I wondered, whence it came?
I could but wonder, all the same.
No windows open, the bins all clean.
No food left out, no fruit nor scraps unseen.
Puzzled now, I looked instead, around my rooms, until, I came upon my bed!
Oh shock, surprise, oh wonders...


Byakhee Poem. Just for fun.

Posted by tammywilding , 20 December 2015 · 409 views

I looked out through my window pane.
And, there it was, the same, again.
A flying beast, a distant swooping.
It scared my heart, near enough to pooping!
Closer still, and closer more.
It flapped it's spiney wings of yore.
The tome upon my desk lay open,
The source of woe, of which I was certain.
A way to banish, I was hoping.
Too late, too late, the windo...