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New Year, old scenarios

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in scenario 16 January 2018 · 318 views

So as 2018 rolls in, let me see how things are looking with writing.


The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps - secondary revisions relating to Victorian theories of dreaming
Echoes Will be Found - remembered this exists, need to plan to run it
The Man Who Wasn't There - on hiatus, needs substantial work
The Sprawling Campaign - have recruited friendly archaeologist advisor, need to do some reading and knuckle down to it, also reread the Archaeologist's Handbook
The Neighs Have It - purely skeletal but concept seems good
Upon Their Backs to Bite Em - done, playtested, finished


Various other things - deliberately sidelined for sanity's sake


I've been struggling with reading recently due to some health issues, just finding it difficult to focus on reading for any length of time due to tiredness. This is not helpful! But I do have many supportive friends who encourage me to keep working on these projects.


I'm looking forward to the upcoming publication of a scenario I was lucky enough to offer some input on; it's the closest I've got to authorship so far, so quite exciting for me.


Gamingwise, a lot of my time has ended up with Pathfinder, as the group I'm now in run several campaigns. However, a couple have now gone on hiatus, so I may be able to find time soon to run another scenario or two. Let's hope!

Victorian theories of dreaming?? Sounds interesting! :) 


You've got a ton of stuff going on!! Sorry about your health, I hope you feel better as winter turns to spring and the temperature improves. It's gray and rainy here in San Francisco...

Thanks! The dreaming information was kindly passed on by a Yoggie beta reader and it was pretty cool. I'll try to post a link when I'm home.


Health is finally getting back on track, thank you :) We've had a few bouts of unexpected snow, but finally improving - I hope it is in SF as well.