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Writing progress for March

Posted by Shimmin Beg , in design, scenario 01 April 2017 · 933 views

So thanks to a combination of a sanity-restoring cruise (well, holiday), the onset of spring sunshine, the tireless efforts of supportive friends, and potent mind-affecting substances, I've found myself once more reasonably on form and able to resume something approaching my usual productivity. Not being asleep most of the time helps a lot, I find.


I'm still in first draft mode, but today I finally put the finishing structural touches to chapter two of a campaign I've been working on. I've been mostly stuck on that for some time - partly because it turns out I'd set myself quite a tough thing to write in terms of a departure from the usual Call of Cthulhu content. This meant I couldn't rely on filling in the gaps in many of the usual ways, and had to think harder than usual (for me) about the setting and possible events of the chapter. I'm still not of the opinion it's a masterpiece, but I think it'll do, which is all I need. Having conquered that particular dragon I've now been able to loop back, fill in some cracks, and work out some of the potential branching consequences for different chapter outcomes, as well as think of ways to ensure the overall plotline can continue.


Of course, there are four more chapters to go, and two of those have a very similar problem... but let's take the victories as they come!


And now, time for some historical and geographical research, since I made some probably-unwise decisions about the continuation of the plot... it's probably better to place scenarios somewhere you actually know something - anything - about. Like, whether those places are in any way a sensible location for the intended flow of the campaign. But, you know, I can't go changing my mind now, can I?


I'd like to say that if I ever manage to complete this campaign it will be the most frivolous thing I've ever written, but I don't think it even qualifies as the most frivolous roleplaying thing I've ever written. Taking a joke several stages further than necessary is both a blessing and a curse. If I do finish the blighter I must do it up as a proper campaign and make it available to Old Yoggie...

One advantage of research is that once you start knowing something about a place and time, it builds on itself, so you will very quickly come up to speed.  Historical and Geographical research is thus never wasted.

Very true.  I must hope I end up buying fewer books per topic than I did for my Lincolnshire scenarios, though - I'm running out of space as it is!

10 Apr 2017 05:14 PM

Sounds very interesting! I find if I don't know something, I make it up. Nine times out of ten no one notices (or perhaps more accurately, actually  cares!)

Besides, you are producing something for an "alternate universe", so you have poetic licence to make things different, especially if it throws people off balance.