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Dreaming: Unmasking the Masked God

Posted by echofalls , 28 July 2013 · 553 views


After both those strange dreams, I finally figured out who Nyarlathotep was. Then I realised that he had already given me the answer;

"Are you a part of my psyche? My Shadow?"
" Yes... And No."

I interpreted that to mean that he was something other than just me. But a few days back it hit me that he was actually answering both questions in one go. Then I got another slap across the face when reading through one of Jung's books.
"Trickster Archetype"

There was that feeling from deep within me. "Finally"
I realised that I was getting stuck in a dull rut, and this was my mind's way of teaching me how to enjoy life again.

Lovecraft was wrong. The human mind is an awesome thing.