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Thesis on the Outer Gods:

Posted by echofalls , 23 February 2013 · 449 views

The Outer Gods, Azathoth and Yog Sothoth, and their messenger, Nyarlathotep... We see them as three seperate entites, but are they truly three birthed apart? Was there once a singluar entity whose name and form are now lost to the mists of an age before time, light, space, and matter?


"I am the Alpha and Omega... The Fallen King whose court is staffed by idiots! You who stand on the edge of creation... What drives you to cast away the flickering spark of your life so easily...?"

The "body" of the three; it possesses neither mind nor wants, it is, simply put, nothing more than an empty shell, existing in a perpetual coma state, unable to wake for there is nothing to wake up to. There are no dreams nor hopes. Yet there is a certain... sadness about this creature, the feeling of a king or royalty, fallen from his high throne and is now scrambling about in the mud and filth, unable to comprehend this sudden shift in situation... It is rather upsetting.

Yog Sothoth:

"Time. Time is an artifical construct. An arbitary system based upon the logic that events occur within a linear progression. Always forwards and never backwards. Actions must proceed a consequence. To you, ponder upon this; is the human concept of time correct? Is it relevant? The answers are at your leisurely disposal, you need only ask."

The "mind" of the three; this is the consciousness of the entity, spread out to form the full stretch of creation, present in every space and every era. Yog Sothoth sees and knows all, and most students of the arcane will often find themselves, at one point, contacting this entity. I myself have met this entity twice, once in a dream, in the form of a pattern of floating, sparkling "bubbles", the second time was when I fell into a hollowed pocket dimension, outside of time and space, it was- to my mind and eyes- a ruined palace with a barren landscape. I met "him" several times there, the same entity, but reaching out to me from different points in a linear timestream. He took the form of a somewhat emaciated man of a pale complexion with hair a shocking pink colour (Why this is, I do not know, nor do I expect to understand) he wore clothing of white with gold bangles and bubble patterns along his legs and sleeves, and he clutched a thickly bound tome under one arm. When in my peripheral I could see spheres of energy swirling around him, colourful and bright never settling, always shifting (An extension of "him" too?). When we spoke, his conversations were kept brief, his voice carried no emotion whatsoever. Cold, consice, and only what I asked for. Most curious.


"Aaawww... Look at you, tiny little mortal. No idea what you've got yourself into. Do you think me cruel? Callous? Uncaring? Tell me; have you lived my life? Have you lived these past nine hundred milennia? No... You haven't. Are you going to run? Scream? Dance? Hmph... I thought not. Banish me? Banish me?!! *chuckle* How precious... "

The "soul" of the three; (and my favourite) he is a formless creature with a hunger for entertainment. Without the soul, the body has no drive, no will to live. He is emotion, drive, impulse. An offshoot that has developed a mind of it's own. (Again, I do not pretend to understand). Everything is done for his own amusement, this creature is liable to kill you or spare you on a whim. It is like a child, setting up a long trail of dominos, waiting for the giddy thrill of watching them all come tumbling down. If Yog Sothoth is the consciousness of the universe, does that mean that a part of him lives within us all? It would certainly explain why Nyarlathotep cannot refuse our summons, perhaps not for some thrill at the attention (or perhaps it is), he has no choice in the matter. On a personal note, he is often a very playful, interesting presence (in his own term of "interesting" and "playful") who tends to leave cryptic messages, paranoia and strange, moving shadows behind. What a nice guy!